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  1. Some news ! N.Truncata N.Lowii x Veitchii N.Tentaculata N.Aristolochioïdes x Ventricosa D.Prolifera N.Villosa My first inflorescence of Vanda (however the buttons have a weird color I think ...) N.Maxima x Trusmadiensis N.Boschiana N.Inermis N.Spectabilis First urn N.Jamban [/ i], and more to come! :)
  2. Your "nepenthes Alata" is not an "Alata" but an hybrid : x Ventrata. Great photos ! ;)
  3. I really love your plants ! Are they from Wistuba ? My N.Aristolochioides death one week ago, i'm so sad, and i'm trying to find an other but I can't find it... I loose N.Macrophylla too... I don't know why. I'm very envious by your plants ;)
  4. Hello, I received a few days ago an order of Nepenthes repotted and installed directly in the greenhouse at their reception. Here is a picture of a nep the date of receipt: And here is a picture several days after potting: I ask myself: why the urn she died so quickly? 2 Assumptions: - The urn dies after she was subjected to stress mailings, repotting, new climate - The radiator just below the dry urns, or plays a devastating role for NEP was located near Do you have an idea of the problem?
  5. First death this week in the greenhouse ... N.Macrophylla: The center of the plant became all black, impossible to save ... What I do not understand is that the plant has absolutely not moved since arrival in my greenhouse. No new sheet had been "made", it really did not moved since his arrival. She died unfortunately. I would have liked to know the factors of his death, the story of remedy or improve things that are not in the greenhouse for that this does not happen .. This is the only NEP has not moved, even N.Villosa who is growing very well (growing faster and faster). Conditions: D
  6. New arrival! N.Bongso N.Ephippiata N.Ventricosa x Aristolochïoides N.Tentaculata N.Mira Other to come ...
  7. Some news ! : Successful acclimatization to N.xBloody Mary way Highland ! N.Inermis start to take a lot of place ! Lady Pauline N. Robcantleyi N.Truncata N.Lowii x Veitchii N.Naga x Talangensisis growing well... :) N.Reinwardtiana N.Villosa that grows slowly but surely! And finally, the preparation of my first scape of my Vanda Cheers,
  8. Hi, I'm really jealous of your collection, it is really beautiful! I'm a fan! Villosa is superb! and others too !
  9. Someone told me that is it a : Phalera bucephala but I really don't know what can I do for it ?
  10. Hello, This afternoon by potting one of my nep in the greenhouse, after opening a bag of peat moss called "living" purchased Jardi of Parad ** **, I am finding a huge hairy caterpillar in the same package .. I'd love to know if anyone knew his name, in which case, I can learn about the natural environment, recreating a sort of micro-climate that would correspond. I'd avoid his death, perhaps, why not see the transformation of the latter into a butterfly .... : roll:
  11. I have a N.Bloody Mary growing in higland condition since 4-5 months and it's doing his first pitcher ... :)
  12. We could imagine that we can see plant cells ! Fantastic !
  13. What do you think of the pozzolan to the surface of each pot instead of peat moss?
  14. Okay, so, I use Osmosis water, and, I remove the moss dead, but I do not put anything in its place? I leave it as is? I do not put moss living in the place of the dead?
  15. Hello, I'm posting here because I have a big problem. A few months ago, the moss that was on my highland nep pots in the greenhouse was beautiful, very green, robust etc ... Like here: Until then I used occasionally fertilizer for orchids I vaporisais on the moss, and plants with reverse osmosis water. But since I stopped osmosis water, and I came back to the tap water, the moss began a complete change of mind ... It loses all its force, becomes soft and full of algae dark is cleared very quickly, in short, not really beautiful. More like a moldy carpet than anything else ....