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  1. Is it possible to have clearer pictures of them ? closer ?
  2. Hi Jess, This in an incredible collection you have there ! Congratulations ! Btw, you set up looks amazing ! Is it possible that you describe us some parts of your incredible terrarium ? What kind of Lights (leds), agency.. ? Actually I'd like to know what is your media substrate ? Is it the same for all your plants ? Your plants looks really healthy, they'll thank you back for giving them such good conditions. Keep us updated :) Cheers! Gabin
  3. New pictures :) I never tire of this hybrid N. x veitchii lowii First urn N. maxima (dark) x veitchii By cons, good news for N. campanulata x (x veitchii lowii), which produces the flower primere me and it could be that it is a female :) What do you think ? ;)
  4. Good evening everyone, Go for a new serie of my plants, I do not get enough! N. hamata x platychila N. ((lowii x veitchii) boschiana) x ((x veitchii maxima) veitchii) N. maxima N. x 'Miranda' N. naga They all appreciate the Norman climate, I believe that a small eco system is installed in the greenhouse, I do not practically take care, but do not seem to blame me .. Cheers ! Gabin
  5. i just know that i bought it on ;)
  6. Hi, I have no idea, i'm sorry :/
  7. Hello everyone, Here is the first pitcher of a recent acquisition from Australia: Plant Exotica, many others are now also form their first pitchers .. I present N. ventricosa x TM ! I can't wait to see later what this plant holds for me! Gabin
  8. I love your plants ! What a incredible collection ! Good job !
  9. Good evening everybody, Having started my training in horticultural production, I will not have much time to share my things (although I was already not much now ...) I made you a new small series, despite my absence, I'm lucky to have my parents that water from time to time, and I thank them because my plants are growing big and beautiful! The proof in pictures! Certainly the most beautiful pitcher of my greenhouse right now! N. ventricosa x spectabilis So here is a plant which I have no identification, it was generously given to me by a friend few years ago, was like nothing when i
  10. I really like your talangensis x burbidgeae, nice colors !
  11. Always nice to see your neps ! Careful with vent x spec, this one grow really fast and gets really big ! Your max x TM is really nice, I like the colors of its peristome !
  12. Thank you for your comments ! :) These two new openings at the end of very rainy month of July ... First upper of my N. bokorensis N. lowii x campanulata Can't wait for this one get bigger ! Cheers !
  13. Nice Growing Welshy ! You have pretty nice plants, I like more the N. sib x aristo :) Your N. vogelii x maxima looks a pure vogelii to me, are you sure it's an hybrid ? Gabin
  14. That's true, I just did one time this way of showing my nep, and I liked it. Sooo, let's continue ahah Thank you :)
  15. Unfortunatly, I have no idea if it's from BE, and I don't remember when I bought it... I'd say the plant is 5 or 6 years old. Pitchers are around 15cm tall. ;)
  16. Thanks mate, The thing is I think that plant (glandu) is really nice grower. Grow fast, but i expected bigger pitchers compare to leaves sizes. Can't wait for uppers ahah, and finger crossed for this one to be a female...
  17. Hi, Here is 3 new openings from my GH... N. maxima x trusmadiensis N. glandulifera N. ventricosa x boshiana upper Cheers ! ;)
  18. Thanks mates, Yes, of course I will update this topic as soon as I can ;)
  19. Hi everyone, I start a new topic to show you some of my nepenthes. Here you go ! N. lowii x veitchii N. izumiae x truncata N. burbidgeae x veitchii N. 'Predator' N. veitchii (northiana x veitchii) Cheers !
  20. Hi Corky, does your N. singalana still in flower ? I will have pollen of N. ramispina next week. Cheers.
  21. Looks like my N. bokorensis :o