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  1. 1 hour ago, AndeeUK said:

    I was looking over your topic thinking how beautiful your plants are and came to your last picture. My heart stopped and my stomach hit the ground. I had the very same thing happen to me on my allotment. One night my potting shed was burnt to the ground in an arson attack. Although I didn't have any plants of value in it, I did lose £1500 approx, cost of shed, tools etc. That day I could have cried as I had put everything into it. It was the heart of my allotment and everything centered on it. So losing everything that you have done and are proud of I understand. I feel for you. These plants are not like tomato plants that can be grown in a season, these take years of love and dedication, they are your pets, they are your family, they are your life.

    I have only been keeping carnivorous plants for about a year and don't have any of quality yet that I could send. I wish I could. 

    With my allotment I did continue and I have not two greenhouses and a new shed in the process of being built. I didn't give up and you shouldn't either. Restart again, but you will have learnt by the mistakes you made earlier, you will now be better and wiser.

    All I can say is good luck for the future, but don't turn your back and such a wonderful hobby.

    God bless


    Thank you so much for you compassion...
    No I won't give up at all, I just can't. As you said, this is my life. 


  2. 35452632365_9d44837cdd.jpg

    (click on the picture to see the video)


    This tuesday was supposed to be the most important day in my life. I did my oral tests in foreign city, from the end of my studies that I'm passionate about and are the catalyst to my professional future. 
    Unfortunatly, it was also my WORST day ever. 8 years of passion, investment dropped off the map in 20 minutes.
    The fire may come from "waterproof" LED lights which have been tripped during my oral tests and caused the loss of everything important to my heart.
    Nepenthes were my reason to wake up in the morning, the goal in my life, my passion.
    I don't even know what my feelings are currently, I'm just chocked as f*** about what just happened.
    There is absolutely nothing left. Nothing to save, nothing to recover, nothing to get back or give out to my passionated friends while I start something new again...

    I don't know what to say, don't know what to do anymore.
    I'm just freaking disgusted...




    I still think i'll restart the activity, an insurance expert visits me on Tuesday.
    Normally the greenhouse is not insurable, on the other hand what it contained yes.
    So I will try to do my best to find the least invoice regarding plants and equipment to try to recover a few euros that will be necessary if I intend to start all over again.

    One thing is certain, I can not give up this dream ...


    So there will not be too much news about me for the coming months, unless ...

    An advice, pay attention to the electrical connections and the reliability of the products you buy ...

  3. Keep us apdated my friend!  


    However, I can't see any ovata or flava in it, this pitcher is really elongated and has not the round shape of the flava group.
    Anyway, the shape of that plant is really curious and interesting! 

    First thought was hamata or eddie shape because of the teeth we can see ahah :P

  4. Hi everybody !

    The beautiful days come back and it is felt in the greenhouse, in the temperatures also ... :: e21
    It was time to discover the banana trees and palm trees outside.
    The problem, a lot of grass and bad have settled all around the greenhouse, and it's not very aesthetic. I am also lazy in terms of weeding so I opted for a solution of lazy: cartons and a mulching over. ;

    So putting up cartons around the greenhouse and around the banana trees / palm tree.

    This autumn, I made an enormous cut on the only tree in the garden, an Acer negundo. I crushed as many branches as possible, which gave me a big pile of barks.
    This allowed me to put everything around the greenhouse, over the cartons to give a more natural effect. Normally the cardboard should degrade itself and "kill" the weeds that were underneath originally.
    Well this is not the most beautiful effect, but I find it cleaner now;)
    I do not know, but I hope it will benefit bananas and palm as a mulch.

    Anyway, I could not post only that, so here is a small series of nice plants right now ... :)
    Enjoy '

    N. ventricosa x ephippiata

    N. maxima 'Dark' x veitchii EP

    My very old N. inermis who has not moved for months or even years finally gave me thanks for his first pitchers, moreover, uppers !
    A nice basal popped up, I have the joy to discover my first lower at the same time ^^

    Similarly for N. talangensis, no growth for months, obviously no pitchers either for years but here, first pitcher, and an upper one. Well I hope the following ones will be a little bigger and attractive anyway;) 32656231953_4c83a0c2f1_z.jpg

    A promising little one, N. truncata 'Giant' x ovata EP 33342180521_8060d82570_z.jpg

    A hurdy-gurdy, slowly growing, I still wait for the upper for years, but it does not decide: p
    N. (lowii x veitchii) x boschiana

    Another that leaves me very impatient: N. truncata 'Giant' x trusmadiensis

    N. burbidgeae x platychila who had only vegetated for a year, finally decides also to redo pitchers..33429763736_afffcac267_z.jpg
    If she could be a female .... :p

    A plant that I bought years ago as seedling which makes its way quietly, I named N. talangensis x platychila!
    So here, if some of you have had the opportunity to buy it too, I will be very curious to see what happens to you, because I can hardly tell myself that there is talangensis in it ... lol

    Well, that's all for this time ...
    See you soon ! :)

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  5. Hello everyone !

    Small update, I bought a LED kit to put inside the "greenhouse in the greenhouse". The first goal is being to be able to cultivate 2 or 3 lowland species.
    No heating inside yet , and anyway the temperature at the moment does not allow me to buy lowland plants by having them delivered with that kind of weather.
    So, space is used by my seedlings and cuttings ...;)


    A little heating will soon take place and I will wait until spring to be able to try the culture of a N. mirabilis var echinostoma and N. bicalcarata ...;)

    Meanwhile, 2 pictures of some nice current nepenthes...

    and N. 'Predator' 

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  6. Hi !


    By "media" I mean what is your substrate ?

    By the way, I'm not sure your stenophylla is a pure one, it really looks like a N. glandulifera hybrid to me, look at hair and dots ! ;)

    I also love the peristomes on your N. rafflesiana, so toothy !

  7. Hi everyone !

    After one week of vacation next to the see, I'm enjoying the sun from Normandy and the light it gives to my nep :)
    N. maxima 'dark' x veitchii EP
    N. lowii x veitchii making its first pitcher of the season !
    Btw, it making it's first flower spike ! Now, I know it's a male, if anyone is interested with.. ;)
    To end this post, here is the first pitcher since I bought it last year of N. x Mixta !
    (Close to the N. lowii x veitchii's flower spike)
    If anyone interested, do not hesitate ! :)
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  8. It all depends on the size of your greenhouse really and whether your neps are lowland or highland, as they will have specific temperature needs. But how this would affect your other plants requirements, i'm not sure. Of course, it's also possible to partition the greenhouse if you want different climate zones.



    That's right, don't forget that isolation is one of the key to save money with heating :)

    I don't spend that much of money in winter thanks to that in my GH. 

    I live in north of France.

  9. Hi everyone !

    Here is my first upper pitcher of N. burbidgeae x platychila !  :D

    I have never seen an upper of this cross yet, love it 


    Anyone else grow this hybrid ?


    27058180124_556c94b320.jpg13428579_10209784055423995_3592125088234545163_n by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr

    27670287065_bd69067ccc.jpg13406756_10209784055063986_7400659026984112229_n by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr

    27670286705_2187248d9c.jpg13427829_10209784055103987_9035819621357389784_n by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    Cheers !

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  10. Hi everyone !


    Long time I posted something here !

    There a few news since the last time :P

    I let you see


    First, I change the set up of my GH, repot everything into pots over new tables I made.
    Before :

    27235494021_774f26a081_z.jpg64063912644807102086240910656112760205377013554655n by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr

    During :

    26699105053_4029cd018b_z.jpg55083012654370102086327830429051685147026248149213n by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    Almost done :

    27235494671_34a5d62b7a_z.jpg30676812644947102086740441544075977789695600491239n by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    Done ! :D 

    26699106373_d014dbfe7a_z.jpg74955812669594102086807249614238110712523292377588n by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr



    Now, some nepenthes pitchers :)

    N. 'Predator'

    25432216901_0c8e8f8a15_c.jpgN. Predator coloring up by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    N. ventricosa x spectabilis

    25406416272_7e7c0ea5d3_c.jpgN. ventricosa x spectabilis by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    N. ((lowii x veitchii) x campanulata) x truncata

    27305558455_9d3344045d_c.jpgFullSizeRender 4 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    N. bokorensis

    27030349090_5c3a741c80_c.jpgIMG_1080 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    The complex one : ((lowii x veitchii) x boschiana) x ((veitchii x maxima) x veitchii)

    26699111653_5013ed6154_c.jpgIMG_1081 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    N. aristolochioides x edwardsiana

    27235504941_aa0610dd0f_c.jpgIMG_1085 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    N. (sibuyanensis x TM) x truncata

    27030341460_cc306cd20a_z.jpg69158412592697102086450084285324617247690487663831n by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    Here is when I pollinated my first flower stalk from my female N. ((lowii x veitchii) x campanulata) with lot of different pollens

    27030342130_059dc2f675_z.jpg4815942158710208671564692422933332785116400026n by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr

    27147876465_98ccb63c4f_c.jpgIMG_1046 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr

    27114672506_50ff94e19c_c.jpgIMG_1047 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr

    27114677126_5afa02c11c_c.jpgIMG_1048 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr

    27114677126_5afa02c11c_c.jpgIMG_1048 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr

    27114685176_32923fb72c_c.jpgIMG_1050 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr

    26543583983_f77d82548b_c.jpgIMG_1051 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr27114698896_b831992ff8_c.jpgIMG_1053 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    N. robcantleyi x hamata , love this one !

    27052855212_92bc8a80ac_c.jpgIMG_0855 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    N. sibuyanensis

    27147853035_1abf493ba9_c.jpgIMG_0982 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    N. ventricosa x ephippiata

    26542147394_265f1ced9b_c.jpgIMG_1037 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    N. (ventricosa x TM) x (talangensis x TM)

    27114662686_da4eba069c_c.jpgIMG_1039 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    To end this topic, my favourite one for the moment :

    N. ventricosa x TM

    27147844035_7fb620001a_c.jpgFullSizeRender 3 by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr


    Hope you guys enjoyed it :)






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