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  1. Hello, I just saw this post which is really interesting. I'm working in Le Havre botanical garden (France) and have diploma in experimentation on plant since 2018. Can you tell me more about the product and the results you attempt ? And of course, if that post is still relevant ? Best regards, Gabin
  2. Your N. dactilyfera is really impressive ! Never heard about this specie, is it a highland one ?
  3. Hi, The first is N. x ventrata For the second, it's an hybrid, but one ?
  4. The first picture reminds me N. ventricosa x sibuyanensis x sabre dark chery but I don't think this it. But 100% sure that it's not pure burkei. For the second photo, yeah, it looks like sumatrana indeed
  5. Thank you guys for your support ! It's really "enjoyable" I will let you know for the futur, i'm not giving up !
  6. Thank you so much for you compassion... No I won't give up at all, I just can't. As you said, this is my life.
  7. (click on the picture to see the video) This tuesday was supposed to be the most important day in my life. I did my oral tests in foreign city, from the end of my studies that I'm passionate about and are the catalyst to my professional future. Unfortunatly, it was also my WORST day ever. 8 years of passion, investment dropped off the map in 20 minutes. The fire may come from "waterproof" LED lights which have been tripped during my oral tests and caused the loss of everything important to my heart. Nepenthes were my reason to wake up in the morning, the goal in my life, my
  8. Hi ! Here is an old picture of mine, it's a really slow grower to me... Don't have current picture with pitchers lol
  9. Keep us apdated my friend! However, I can't see any ovata or flava in it, this pitcher is really elongated and has not the round shape of the flava group. Anyway, the shape of that plant is really curious and interesting! First thought was hamata or eddie shape because of the teeth we can see ahah
  10. Hi everybody ! The beautiful days come back and it is felt in the greenhouse, in the temperatures also ... :: e21 It was time to discover the banana trees and palm trees outside. The problem, a lot of grass and bad have settled all around the greenhouse, and it's not very aesthetic. I am also lazy in terms of weeding so I opted for a solution of lazy: cartons and a mulching over. ; So putting up cartons around the greenhouse and around the banana trees / palm tree. This autumn, I made an enormous cut on the only tree in the garden, an Acer negundo. I crushed as many branche
  11. Well it's recycling equipment from an old Greenhouse. For the 2 sides, it's polycarbonate plates and for the "roof" it's an old greenhouse cover. ;)
  12. Hello everyone ! Small update, I bought a LED kit to put inside the "greenhouse in the greenhouse". The first goal is being to be able to cultivate 2 or 3 lowland species. No heating inside yet , and anyway the temperature at the moment does not allow me to buy lowland plants by having them delivered with that kind of weather. So, space is used by my seedlings and cuttings ...;) A little heating will soon take place and I will wait until spring to be able to try the culture of a N. mirabilis var echinostoma and N. bicalcarata ...;) Meanwhile, 2 pictures of some nice c
  13. Some random shots this afternoon ! N. lowii x campanulata N. ((lowii x veitchii) x campanulata) x truncata N. ventricosa x spectabilis A classic one, N. glandulifera, always beautiful, can't wait for the vine ! the last one, N. veitchii x burbidgeae Cheers ! :)