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  1. never seen anything like that !! very cool indeed. I'm going to say something which is probably stupid... why don't to try to put the edge of a little knife in the rhizome and than put that edge into another rhizome? If it's a virus won't it spread? Just a stupid idea.... btw kluigi, I'm first on the list! Just kidding... or maybe not!!
  2. thank you :) Yes, I'm just saying it now, so that people can be ready by time! ^^
  3. Hi all! I'd like to make a video with lot of people (from around the world) presenting their own carnivorous plants and put it on youtube, in order to share this FASTASTIC PASSION and make it even more popular! So, here's the idea, to make a short short short video of you with ONE carnivorous plant in your hand, or near you, saying: "Hi, my name is [yourname] and this is my carnivorous plant!" That's all! You can also use the language of your country (italian, english, some slang...), this will make it even cooler! SO if you think it is a good idea, feel free to send your little video @ this email: [email protected] or upload to some filehosting (like mega) and send the link to me! I'll download that and let you know when the video is ready to be published! P.S: I'm not gonna put any advertising on it, I don't want to earn money from that! What do you think?
  4. Hi guys! I'm new here I'm from Italy and I'm here for two reasons: 1) Meet many cp's lovers as me 2) Improve my english I grow carnivorous plants since 2010, and I especially love the Nepenthes genus, in fact I'm writing a monograph about them in italian (ok, you have a lot of books about Nepenthes, but we have only one and it's a kind of diary). I'm also interested in Sarraceniae and particular clones of dionaea. What else can I say? I love jazz, english literature (Keats, Wilde, Milton, Chatterton, etc) and I'm a webmaster and a student (but only when I have free time I hope to find many friends there which help me in growing carnivorous plants and forgive me for my english. Greetings, Davide
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