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  1. Not a good day up at 3 this morning Being sick and diarrhea, still not to good, Chris also got a dose as well , Must have been something we ate last night. :(

  2. Worked all weekend 14.6 hours of sunshine on Saturday good fine and hot weekend all round.

  3. The last day of 40 years with the same job. Tomorrow will be my first day into my 41st year.

  4. To all my friends that have wished me happy birthday, I wish to thank you all very very much. I had a great day with Christopher my Life partner ,and my Family.

  5. A few Clivias from the Palmerston North Show Yesterday.

  6. Two forms of Romulea hirta, Both from different folk.

  7. some plants i picked up today and a score on Friday. Crinum powellii

  8. Prunus campanulata in Botanics Napier.

  9. For Bryan Sherman, the two Haemanthus seedlings you gave me. The stripes and dots are better now.

  10. These are the other 2 that we have in New Zealand.

  11. Poor old ute, been sold and on the way back to Napier to live again.

  12. A couple of photos from the Orchid show. camera not working to well Going back this morning to have another look.

  13. Just a few more of the heart break of the last three days frosts.

  14. Just arrived home and found that the frost tag we had this morning did some nasty damage to My Clivia plants and flowers, wiped out all my Cymbidium spikes. and killed quite a few of my Clivia seedlings. and thats through twin skinned polycarbonate.Photos to follow.

  15. Some Massonia in the bulb house

  16. Its all mine hehehehehehehe

  17. A few fungi in the woodlands

  18. Hi every one, Just a quick question. Could any one suggest or let me know where i could buy Pings and Sarra's in flask's . I would like to import them in to New Zealand. Im also looking for Ping seed, mainly the Mexican species. Cheers Kiyel.
  19. Kiyel


    Photos of my plants
  20. Kiyel

    Ping gigantea

    From the album: Savagegardenz

    One of my P. gigantea About 3 years old. I find that they grow in an inorganic mix better than an a mix containing Peat.
  21. A few of my oxalis in flower today.

  22. The more i see Ping flowers , the more i love them.
  23. Nice plant. Mine have just come out of dormancy. But i have nothing as red as this plant.
  24. we have tons of Pine bark here in New Zealand as we export logs over seas, the bark is used for every thing from Mulch on gardens, Orchid Potting media, and Potting mixes. Sorry i have no photos as yet but on the report i will try and get some.
  25. I use bark fines ( the siftings from composted bark we use for our potting mixes) and 1-3 mm pumice, half and half. I get about 3 years out of it. Just use the same mix to sow my seed on ,and get great germination.