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  1. hi, nep spectabilis nep glabrata nep talangensis x veitchii nep rajah nep platychila x hamata nep hamata nep burbidgeae x edwardsiana nep ventricosa nep sanguinae
  2. ok thank you You answered has my question
  3. hi, I wanted you ask some question the tuberous drosera. Be that it is necessary dig up the bulb in summer or we leave him(it) in the jar? Which temperature it is necessary their datum in summer ( our summer) Thank you
  4. splendid, it looks great
  5. fantastic, Deeply that you have of the other nepenthes highland, I would throw myself above^^
  6. Extraordinary success but a small question cross me the head. Be that e coffee kills your sphaigne? The coffee(café) to apply him(it) to you in spraying(pulverizing) or in watering? Thank you.
  7. gaeldu64

    My nepenthes

    I like nepenthes aristolochiodes, Which is your substratum for this nep?