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  1. Hello, Daniel, It is, indeed, very beautiful, looking forward to this year's summer so I can revisit it! Yes, that is exactly where I took the picture. Take care, Mario
  2. Hey, Alexander. Yes, Bulgaria does have just lovely nature, even so close to the city. Perhaps because the economy is too undeveloped to exploit local nature.
  3. Yes, perhaps you are right. I hadn't thought of that when I was posting it in a hurry. You can still see the videos, nonetheless, right? I'm not sure how this code thing works.
  4. Oh, yes, I have pasted it as code because it is a playlist and the forum won't let me paste more than 2 videos in one topic.
  5. Hello, Dimitar I think that it's a better idea to talk in English here since it is a public topic. You can't see a video? Which one?
  6. It's in Vitosha, right next to the capital actually. About 30 minutes drive to get to the path from where I live.
  7. Hello, I revisited a number of really beautiful places in the summits of Bulgaria today and I thought you'd find them fascinating. I have taken some very amateur videos, since I believe it is the only way to capture the beauty of such places, especially when filming with my iPhone... Here is the Video Playlist, below I will tell you when to watch the videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21Lpdsokdt8&list=PL4gFZz-7xnfekwjwGshxpSM_CLwecWwwr Firstly, I took the path leading to the high-altitude valley below the summits (about 2000 meters above sea level), and a beautiful sphagnum carp
  8. I just watered the plant from the top, which washed away all the residue right into the soil. I'm not sure if that was a good idea...
  9. The big pitchers are the first that appear after dormancy, and the following ones are about 2 times smaller, right?
  10. Hey, thanks for the link, I might find it useful. What I meant was to mimic it visually. I want to recreate the interesting shapes that form in the natural habitat. Perhaps I might do it in a bigger trough (1m x 2m), I'm not sure yet. If I ever get to doing it, it will be later in the summer. If anybody else has any advice, feel free to add something.
  11. Nope. I just need a way to maintain the water level in the bog. What I am hoping to achieve with it is to mimic as perfectly as possible the plants' natural habitat, since I find the diversity and peculiar shapes a lot more fascinating than plain old boring pots. I just want to maintain one water level, not just pour some water on the sphagnum and hope for the best.
  12. Hey, thanks for the positive feedback. I am a lot calmer now that I know that I shouldn't worry about all these things. I thought I'd show off the progress I've made with the plant in only 3 years, this is how it looked before I bought it. I have lots of healthy Dionaeas from reliable sources, but this was the last one in the store and nobody seemed to want to buy it due to its terrible condition, so I bought it for a whopping 25$ just cause of pity and mercy. http://prikachi.com/...59/3366659f.jpg Sorry for the weird site but something has bugged and it won't let me pin it. That is this
  13. Hey, thanks for the fast reply. I like the "sea" of traps look that it appears to have gotten, and I don't like the look of the mere 5-6 leaves of individual plants. I will leave it like that for as long as possible. Does the white accumulation mean that I should stop using tap water? So far the plants seem to be happy with it (and I've grown some pretty picky plants). I only water it from below and I can't remember a time when I watered it from the top. I reckon that is the reason the accumulation formed then. Could it be harmful to the plant?
  14. I bought this terrible looking small fly trap about 3 years ago from a local market, and nowadays this is what it looks like. I believe there are more than 10 plants in this pot right now, but I wanted to know if there is a way to tell whether the plant has been tissue cultured, poached or grown from seed? Also, is it normal for the leaves to have such a weird shape? And, finally, if you look closely on the bottom left corner, you will see an accumulated white substance. It may be from the water - I am using tap water to water all my CPs and so far none of them seem to have complained, the tap
  15. Hello, thanks for the tips. The watering is vague to me, though. Do any of you have any suggestions on the easiest system to water a said mini bog?