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  1. I think mine will open in about a week. Are you going to get some seed of of yours ?
  2. If you have fresh Sphagnum you can put it on top if you want. and I would water well with the reverse osmosis water because if the moss doesn't like the water, the plants may not like it either.
  3. Hi, I would do the following things: 1.No 2.Yes ,definitely 3. Yes,I would remove it and let it grow back from the underlying moss.
  4. I know that but it is a systemic pesticide,so the plant absorbs it, the bug eats it and it dies .End of story for the mealybug. But my real question is can I use it because of the fertilizer 6-3-4?
  5. So today I bought an insecticide for the mealybugs that are eating my Heliamphora. I asked the guy at the local garden shop for a systematic insecticide against the mealybugs and I made clear that I didn't want any insecticide with fertilizers and so he gave me a product and i looked at the box and it didn't say that there where any fertilizers. But when I arrived home I opened the box and read the manual and saw that there is in fact fertilizer in the pesticide. Its a 6-3-4 fertilizer,so can I use it safely?
  6. @ MustangGT Thanks Tomorrow i will probably make some new pictures
  7. Very nice collection my friend I am inpatient to trade some plants with you.
  8. How is the plant doing? Have you removed the dome? Cheers Simon
  9. Very very nice plants and you seem to have a good setup
  10. Oooh very nice little Heli you have there and good luck with your flowers!
  11. My Sarracenia Psittacina with a pitcher growing inside another pitcher.
  12. @ Mobile: That's easy , but I am going to do it with a tuning fork :)
  13. Yea,I already knew that , if you have only one flowering plant you will need to sacrifice the first flower because first the stigma is receptive and after that the pollen ripen, but can the plant be selfpollinated? Cheers Simon