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  1. Cheers Richard! You in the area then are you?! I dropped in on Little shop of horrors as I was passing by anyway. Ended up with a few extra plants, would you believe!!
  2. Cheers Alexis, yeah it as 'coco peat' for carnivorous plants. My main question is whether that is the best or is sphagnum moss better? Really just wondering what most people use!? Thanks, Tom
  3. Hi Guys, It has been a while since my last post, but I am now about to repot again. I have mainly Sarracenia and a few VFTs and have used peat free briquettes from ebay i the past. Should I stick to the same thing or is there something better out there!? Basically, can anyone recommend a media and a recommended place to buy online as I am in Cornwall! Enjoy the season and thanks a lot guys! Tom
  4. Cheers Gary, As I have just got back to the flat I am still waiting for the internet to be installed again, I will post a picture as soon as I can, basically there is only one plant dionaea visible, it looks healthy but none of the traps have opened since moving it from London.
  5. Hi CPUK, It is a while since my last interaction on here as I have been out of the country for the last 6 months. So I hope everyone is well and looking forwards to the growing season. During this time I left a planter of Dionaea, Dionaea seedlings and a planter of sarracenia / hybrids with my mother in law in London (an avid gardener) with instructions to bring them into her conservatory once it got cold enough to frost over. Well, she has left them outside all winter so they have been snow covered for extended periods. Before this they were used to an outdoor life in cornwall with full sun all day. My question is whether there is much hope for them for the coming growing season? Cheers guys!
  6. I hit the aphids yesterday, their regime is now crumbling! Cheers for the help everybody... Tom
  7. Great cheers guys! And should I use it in the manner described on the tin or would I need to dilute it or anything? CPUK never fails to deliver quick, concise and knowledgeable answers to my long, waffley ignorant questions!
  8. Hi all, I have a planter of VFTs of different types and it has become overrun with aphids which seem to be having a bad effect on my smaller plants. As the planter is too large for me to submerge, I was wondering what form of aphicide or insecticide is best to use to get rid of the blighters? Thanks people, Tom
  9. TommyTopTraps


    Great Photos!
  10. Thank you very much Ian and Dianne, Up to now I have only kept VFTs so these are my first Sarracenia plants! I am excited about seeing how they go. I got one batch which was more than enough for the space I have left in my collection which is possibly pushing the boundaries of what my girlfriend will allow! (Although she does also enjoy the plants). PS the third picture on this thread shows a red Sarr hybrid, does anybody know what it is as I now have one! and how fast/big will the chopped down Flavas grow back? Thanks again you good good people!!
  11. Hi all, I have just come out of my probation (I think) and joined, as most novices probably do around the start of the growing season. With a plant or two, a keen interest of getting the advice on growing them and meet others doing so soon leads to the thirst for more plants! For me I came onto this forum with plenty more than 20 questions so that was over instantly. I can understand that waiting 30 days in the growing season may be a bit of a drag but I don't think the forum should be influenced too much by newbies and if you think this probation offers some protection to the long standing users then keep it. I respected the rule in place and bought my plants online outside the forum and even asked where is best to go on this forum so it's not the end of the world! The Rep scale I don't think would be so fair as if like me you are more of a question asker than an answerer then you don't really get a 'thumbs up' for your posts and could be waiting years on the forum before the next generation of newbies are able to take your advice! Just got my first Sarracenia so plenty more questions to follow!
  12. I really like your 'Korean Melody Sharks', I hadn't heard of them before!
  13. What I do with my VFts is Start them in my west facing window in the morning where they get the first sun, then take them outside before I leave to work and then when I get home I bring them back inside onto an east facing window. This way they have the maximum time outdoors and when they would be in a shadow outside they are inside in full sun (although they are taking their light through the filter of the glass). I believe this is the best I can give them and they seem to be thanking me for it. All my Dionaea are in a single trough pitcher so this is quite an easy task for me and it gives me a good excuse to look at them every day. I know that most of the plants in my planter have been grown outdoors before I repotted them but there are a few I don't know about and four I know have been grown indoors for at least a year (Typical form). So far I have had no evidence of leaf burn on any of the plants even on hot days. I am not saying that this is not a problem but I think it is a risk worth taking, especially if you minimalise the risk by gradually increasing exposure to the sun as Mantrid described.
  14. Great pic, looks like it came straight out of the text book!
  15. Looking great! What type of VFT is this one?
  16. Cheers to both, Personally I am hoping it will be some kind of Carnivorous Dragon fruit hybrid, it has dawned on me that it could have come from the edan project as I bought my fist VFT from there last year. If that is the case it has been lying dormant for some time and somehow made it through the repotting process. If not then a Carnivorous Dragon fruit hybrid is really the only other possibility that I can see...
  17. Hi byztro, Is that three flower stalks or one next to a leaf!? Tom
  18. How is the upgraded system turning out Aza?
  19. How's that greenhouse working for you?
  20. Cheers guys, Now I really am confused as I would like to find out what it is but now unsure as to whether or not to take it out of CP medium and try it in something more nutrient heavy...
  21. Nice, Are you going to be growing some exposed as well? Could be an interesting experiment...
  22. Oh Yeah, I live in a top floor flat with no south facing windows. When I moved in I new that 'Mr Snappy' would not be happy. However I now keep Mr Snappy and all of his new chums out in yard in a spot that gets direct light for a decent part of the day and they are now starting to colour up nicely. So if you have a similar option available to you it seems the general consensus is that they are better off out in the sun, rain and insects as fat as your VFTs are concerned.
  23. Hi Aza, If you were going to stick to using the lighting set up you could also try using reflective backing and sides as well, kitchen foil would help but mirrors would be more effective, both for the plants and visually. I don't know much about Drosera (All my Drosera haven't even made it out of their seeds yet) but your VFT looks pretty normal, traps die back all the time, I trim the trap at about the stange yours it at now at the earliest and then trim the leaf part later when it is pretty much black. My rational is that they will still contribute to photosynthesis while they have green tissue on them but after they turn black they are useless, unsightly and at worst a mould risk. My VFTs seem to go through funny stages where more leaves come off together than normal sometimes it happens over a few days and sometimes it seems to happen in one day but they quickly come round with new leaves and look good again! Having said all this I am something of a novice myself so I recommend that you disregard everything I have just said and just do what the others say! Tom