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  1. Mine's in an irregular, rough, dirty mix of bark chips of no specific size, a bit of fibrous peat, dead/dried sphagnum (for hanging baskets) and perlite. Some grow it in just peat and perlite I understand. As long as it's a nice open mix, with coarse material in it, the plant should be happy.

  2. On 7/11/2018 at 7:45 PM, Rob-Rah said:

    A bit of feedback...... a few plants are in the greenhouse in various soils and aspects.


    Just to update as my update got lost in the forum crash last year.... all my plants died in last year's hot summer. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Rob-Rah said:

    Oh :( I think of the flowering season as a highlight in the greenhouse, lots of trimmed-short pitcher-bases and the lovely flowers hovering above like so many exotic  butterflies. And generally they even smell nice.

    (only trim the dead parts... the green parts are still useful to the plant, but typically that does mean the plants are shorter when flowering and look quite tidy).

  4. 6 hours ago, jeff 1 said:

    can still be put a buffer of substrate between the tuber and the ambient air :cool:

    outdoor cultivation and pot cultivation do not meet the same requirement

    it is a plant of the himalaya,it must therefore hold with cold temperatures or see frosted but still with a good buffer substrate above the tuber

    Yes, my plants outdoors must be 20-30cm deep.

  5. I'd like to hear any input to this too, as I have also acquired some seed this year. I intend to sow it in late September, after a soak in both GA3 and smoke water. I'm assuming it will respond to cooler nights in autumn and a high level of water around the pot. If I am lucky enough and some do germinate, I'm not at all sure how to get tiny plants safely into their first dormancy though.

  6. A bit of feedback...... a few plants are in the greenhouse in various soils and aspects.


    One is in an internal north-west household windowsill under a bell-cloche with ventilation, and stood in a small amount of water in a perlite-based soil, and in a small, 3 inch, regular-dimensioned pot. That plant indoors has not been subjected to very high temperatures. However, it is doing by far the worst and may now be almost dead after 2 weeks. I think this must be lack of light, or possibly lack of airflow under its cloche. I'm going to move it into the greenhouse shortly to see if it prefers it there.


    The other plants are in the greenhouse on the tray system, which has been over 30C most days since they have been in there - we are having a heatwave. They all get very good light and the vents and door have been open as much as possible, and are in a few different soil mixes, all very open, and all in long pots. Two are not thriving but are not dying - just sort of sitting there grumpy. The third is growing. The only difference for that third one is that it is in a long clay pot with no draining hole (the idea is that the clay will percolate enough water from the tray to keep the soil moist while never getting wet) and has a little more dappled shade, especially on its pot. I think from this that cool roots may be useful for the plant  -  the clay wicks water away and cools the roots via evaporation..


    I will feed back any more brainwaves I have based on what I see from these plants over time.


    (It could all just be random based on varying levels of root discomfort during shipping and transplanting!)

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  7. On the purity issue.... I'm not sold on ultra pure on a regular basis. The plants cope with rotting vegetation around them in the wild and some degree of dissolved salts in the  surface water. Surely *some* minerals are essential for the plants. It's only certain chemicals they have no tolerance to. However, we're not usually growing in inorganic media so maybe it's OK.

  8. 1 hour ago, Zerbirus said:

    Any way you could buy one from somewhere else and return this one? Mine from collinswaterproducts turned up the next day by ukmail if you need to replace it and they responded to me both times within a couple of hours if you need quick help.

    Im sure someone here must live driving distance from you and can give you some RO water

    edit: are you sure its all connected properly? I know some filters come in plastic and you have to unwrap them first. I watched this video twice before ordering mine and even he made that error and annotated it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPdzLJWb4R8


    It's being returned. Flow rate is all spot on and nothing is going wrong in terms of the mechanics, the unit is simply not filtering. I'll buy another one. This is very annoying. Thank god I bought a TDS meter......

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