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  1. My sarraceniea has one pictcher that has grown almost in a circle any idea as to what has caused it and should i remove I have a photo but cant work out how to load it STU
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    Many thanks for your replies I will wait till the spring
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    When is the best time to repot my cepalotus I purchased it in the summer in a 3 1/2 inch pot which had loads of space now it is flowing over the side ,do thay like being in a small pot ??
  5. I have cephalotus and nepenthes as well but they will stay on my window sill indoors it was just my sarras and vfts I was thinking of using the polytunnel for. I have a parasene parafin heater and yes they are not that cheap to run about £2.00 a night so only use it on really cold nights but as yet haveny had any trouble wth smouildering or plants covered in soot
  6. I live in North Shropshire and have a small mix of Sarracina VFTS some are young seedlings , will they be safe overwintering in my unheated polytunnell at present they are in my conservatory but I could use the space for more tender plants but I dont want to ruin my carnivours.
  7. It was much smaller and a darker colour when I first bought it and it now sits on the window sill so as you say is in less than full sun, so I presume if it gets a position with more sun it may darken. Next question when should I repot as the pitchers are now over the side of the pot
  8. I purchased my first and as yet only Cephalotus from a forigen gent at Mike Kings spring open day, it was labeld as 'Big Boy' . At the time i was not aware of differnt cultivars, and was the and still am very pleased with it , it has grown very well . My question is having read a recent thread on this site how can I tell if it is Big Boy as there seem to be some forgaries around and looking at pictures of differnt variaties I cant tell the diff apart from some are darker
  9. Many thanks for your reply has helped to put my mind at rest
  10. Altough having been in horticulture for many years nepenthes are fairly new to me my question , I have a plant of 'Rebecca Soper' with in excess of 20 pitchers but these all though a good size are completely empty should I fill them with rain water or are they best left dry STUART
  11. I have some fresh Sphagnum ( I hope ) form ebay arriving soon, question is how do I keep it growing so I can have my own fress supply any tips would be welcome
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    Thanks you I thuoght I had left it to late so will have a try, will sphagnum peat work ?
  13. Please can you tell me if it is to late to make leaf cuttings from cephalotus any help would be useful also on techniques Stu