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  1. Wow! The near-black flowers are incredible. What plant are they from? Is that their actual colour, of is just the lighting? Good work!
  2. I don't you'll ever know for sure beyond the fact that it's a hybrid. It looks like there may be some leucophylla and psittacina in the mix, but there may be more to it than that. Medusa sounds like a perfectly good name for it as long as the name hasn't already been taken!
  3. Just a quick note... The Charities Commission guidelines make no mention that non-members may not attend a charity AGM. It does say, however, that the individual Charity's governing document may determine who can attend an AGM. Sadly, the CPS's governing document does not state who can and cannot attend an AGM. So I'm not entirely sure that saying the AGM is open to MEMBERS ONLY is completely lawful!" https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/charities-and-meetings-cc48/charities-and-meetings#annual-general-meetings-agms
  4. Ergo, Annette has been dismissed from the committee. Has she been given an opportunity to appeal?
  5. So, does that mean that a majority vote in favour of Annette being removed from the committee is NOT an attempt at dismissal?
  6. I'm sure they would be willing to Dunc, but Annette seems to have been banned from CPUK for some odd reason...
  7. I can't find this on here; I do hope it hasn't been censored! But this is an important message from the acting Chair of the Carnivorous Plant Society. Sent on behalf of Annette Bell. Please all read... Dear Members, On 12th November 2018, I gained unanimous support from the committee to become Chairman and Trustee of The Carnivorous Plant Society (CPS). It has been a huge honour to be able to serve the membership and I take this role seriously. In recent months I have uncovered various shortcomings in the administration and governance of the CPS, including failing to comply with the formal requirements for a charity, as set down by the Charity Commission. This includes a lack of administrative structure, absence of records and minutes, and lack of accountability for decisions taken or money spent. The committee has a poor reputation for in-fighting and hostility which sometimes spills into the public eye. Many individuals, including a former Chairman and Martin Cheek have stated similar opinions that the committee has been ‘dysfunctional’ and ‘toxic’ for years. I believe things must change for the benefit of our charity and its membership. A trustee’s responsibilities include a duty of care to protect the reputation and direction of their charity, to ensure that it fulfils its legal obligations and that the money it raises is spent in furtherance of the objects. The Charity Commission (CC) guidance is clear about what a trustee must do in these circumstances, and it is a mandatory requirement to notify them of any incidents which might damage the charity. The problems were duly reported on 8th February 19. The CC will only intervene if necessary - and I provided them with a list of proposals for how I intended to resolve our issues and move forwards. The CC have accepted this plan to get the CPS back on track. The plan includes various administrative corrections including new, clearer rules. I have also asked for the resignation of certain committee members and trustees whose behaviour and actions have frequently fallen short of the expected requirements of someone holding office within a charity. Some of these committee members and trustees have refused to step down in the best interests of the Society and have attempted to rebel against the Chairman. In the report to the CC, a proposal was made to instate an interim board of trustees to administer the charity alongside myself and the other, currently rebelling, trustee. This is necessary to take us out of a dead-lock situation. On 1st March a letter was sent to recap my discussion with the CC officer on 28th Feb 19, and which asked to place my intentions on record to recruit trustees. Acting in good faith after these communications, I used my powers to recruit an interim board of upstanding and well-respected members of our community to become caretaker trustees to help the CPS recover from this crisis. All persons are willing to stand as candidates for formal election at an AGM – hence the self-imposed interim status until that point. I would like to introduce Stephen Morley, Claire Farrer, David Tite and Andrew Loakes – hopefully names which many of you will recognise. All are all willing to serve our Society properly. As alluded to, the request for resignations has met with resistance despite the fact that there is written evidence of dereliction of duty concerning some of those involved at the heart of this rebellion against charity guidelines. The rebels have tried to silence my voice; they will not succeed, and it is with regret that I have been forced to make this situation public. I invite you, the members, to decide how our charity should be governed. You have a choice: do you wish to continue with the existing regime and way of doing things, or would you prefer a new direction with two-way communication, fairness and accountability? Whatever you decide, The Carnivorous Plant Society deserves a secure and stable future for the benefit of all. I hope to be a part of that with you all, Annette Bell de facto Chairman.
  8. Seems like quite an interesting and unusual angle, compared to your 'run-of-the-mill' carnivorous-plant-cultivation book (not that there's anything wrong with them, of course!!).
  9. Loakesy still pops by from time to time, though not as much as he used to... Yes, I'm in Bromley, and know SPC fairly well.
  10. And thanks to Sheila for listing and coordinating the auctions on the forum!! It all reminds me that I need to make contact with Roger Thomas (the original donor of the plants) because I believe he has more plants to pass on to the CPS. If that happens They will probably be auctioned here again, so watch this space.
  11. No problem! Just glad to have a bit more room in the polytunnel now!
  12. I am please to say that the last few plants, which were sold through the forum, have been posted to the respective winners. To be honest, I'm glad it's over!! :) I shall shortly be sending a paypal payment to the CPS for £100, which was raised by the auctions, which will be split 50:50 between the CPS conservation fund and the general running of CPUK. Thank you for all that bid and well done to the winners!
  13. They will most likely get bundled together with other plants that are auctioned. If that doesn't work I guess I'm open to offers. If I get none, it's the great greenhouse in the sky for them!
  14. Hi Dee Welcome to CPUK. I was born in Rainham - many years ago!! Number 3 Windermere Drive. Not been back there since I was 3. Just thought you might like to know...!
  15. Thanks Keith! Sorry for the delay, I'm hoping to be able to post plants after the weekend.
  16. Hi Ezza. I'm back from my hols now and will be in touch shortly!
  17. Hi Robert. I'm back from my hols now and will be in touch shortly!
  18. Thanks BHJ. Money has been received. I probably won't get a chance to send your plant until the weekend.
  19. Having seen a similar looking plant in someone's collection over the weekend, I now suspect that this may be rubra ssp wherryi, but no guarantees!
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