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  1. Thank's yes it's only for neps seeds. If you have a link with a good grow light because i have not windows near.
  2. Thank's for reply what could i use for a mini terrario (about 50x40x30) whit the E27 ?
  3. Hi! I see that lamp for germination. I want use for grow nepenthes seeds. Can i have a opinion for this lamp? Thank's so much!
  4. hi guys, i start to grow utricularia terrestrial.. can you write me what's the best substrate for grow this species? Thanks so much! :)
  5. Hi guys! last years i grow from seeds Nepenthes Dubia... this is the photo... Someone write me and say that it' isn't a Dubia.. so what do you think? ;)
  6. hi!! I've a terrarium 100x50x60 my problem is... for cool the terrarium? there's a site who sell cooling system??
  7. hi!!! how long for have the jamban from seeds like yours?
  8. waw,fantastic yours Nepenthes!! :thumbsup:
  9. thank you! : D now I read ... this technique is very effective? I think it is expensive...
  10. thanks... :) and where can i find the liquid for the tissue culture?
  11. Thank's all! fantastic your nepenthes!! they are germinated in water? For my baby Dubia, if I repot in september it's ok?
  12. Hi!! My nepenthes grow this is the photo: Photo 1 When can i repot the Dubia? and this, is my first birth of nepenthes Jamban Jamban
  13. Hi =) yes if you want play in fingerstyle you can play songs of Don ross, Preston Reed, Luca Francioso, Martin Simpson, Marcel dadi ;)
  14. hi all, someone playing an instrument? I love guitar, fingertyle with acoustic guitar... and rock guitar electric guitar Yesterday i recorded this song, I hope tha you like ;)
  15. ok thank's i'll not use the sphagnum... saturday i go to buy the pine bark and i'll try it..
  16. Thanks, I wanted to try it with peat moss and pine bark ... or peat moss, pine bark and perlite, and always leave the saucer full of water... Have you ever try to grow VFT with only live sphagnum?