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  1. click my name go to activty and then check gallery on the left side ?
  2. i thought clicking my name and u should see them in my profile try this
  3. Going to start again doing some tissue culture if anyone is interested not sure if you have a forum for it here ? I had huge success 2 years ago doing vft seeds gimme a shout if you want to discuss :)
  4. I uploaded pictures of my plants check them out :) TBH phil there is no real difference in just using peat and perlite i have tried every mix available lol the secret is in how you grow it and the strength of the plant itself
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    Some of my plants.
  6. ok i have never seen anyone use grit in growing CPs No idea if the grit contains traces of minerals etc plus u will get algae build up on it which looks crap the link i gave u is the silica sand i have used with my mix that i have worked on for over 6 years now its a decent size grade aswell Did you look at the link ? I only use the silica sand that is used in swimming pool filters its like 10 times the size of normal sand along with add a certain amout of perlite keeps the plant more airy if that makes sense lol
  7. I have a 3 stage reverse osmosis filter i also bought the ppm meter for incoming water and out going. where i live going in is 75ppm going out oppm
  8. My experience been using silca sand for about 6 years on my flytraps that bag top picture i wouldnt touch. Buy thick grade silica sand that is used in swimming pool filters there are a few difference grade sizes dont use gravel for aquariums. when i get mine i always wash it with water from my reverse osmosis filter here this is 100% what you need
  9. I think i joined here a few years ago lol Am Andy from the Isle of Man been growing Carnivorous Plants for about 10 years now. I mostly used to help out on the forum on I posted my collection on the growlist aswell am still growing strong and just wanted to make some new CP m8s :) Cheers
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    Lo All

    lmao since when did you need an excuse to reply Dan o0 lol
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    Lo All

    My name is Andy am 45 and i live on the Isle of Man famous for TT races :) (and the Bee Gee's were born here if anyone likes to know lol :) ) I have been growing CP's for about 3 years now my fav is the Venus Fly trap :) i also have been doing alot of tissue culture in the past year setup a little lab for myself at home. I have a small greenhouse in the back i also use alot of indoor growlights and am lucky enough to have most of my collection in a commerical greenhouse about 2 minute bike ride up the road :) I am also a member of the flytrapcare forum for a while now and i like to help
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