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  1. Hi what are the best ways of germinating these drosera seeds was going use sphag peat and silver sand mix in propagators standing in a tray with shallow water level any suggestion please ? Regards Christopher
  2. Hi I am a volunteer gardener at a botanic gardens was a chef for good while thought of becoming a undertaker but did not want to get stuck in a dead end career
  3. Hi does anyone know how to grow mimosa pudica (sensitive Plant) compost type and watering method? Regard Chris
  4. Hi have got 2 leaf cutting of cephalotus follicularis in my propagator they are really healthy and have a good root system they are 6 -7 weeks old when should I pot them up advice will be appreciated
  5. Hi can anyone help with this query I am trying to collect all of the fork-leafed sundews on page 141 of the savage garden there is a small section on dichotoma small red form does anyone know if this was identified and if so when is it available regards chris
  6. just one of my plants flowering at the moment my sarracenia purpurea (red ruffles)
  7. have got two plants myself they go the colour of dry blood in full sun will try the test myself and will post results
  8. Hi have seen this on peoples grow lists does anyone know the name and location of this plant :? :? Regards Chris
  9. Hi when is the best time to repot pinguicula weser since this is my only ping so help would be greatly appreciated also what medium do it prefer Regards Chris
  10. Hi has anyone got any good recipes for potting media for a cephalotus also when is the best to repot these plants also also any other helpful tips would be great Regards Chris :?
  11. hi I am thinking of adding a bog garden but want to use some gravel in the bottom of the pot as well as some drainage holes what would be the best type to use so a excess of salts and minerals does not occur Regards :? chris
  12. hi does anyone know if drosera multifida extrema requires dormancy due to the page in savage garden which states keep plant above 40 degrees to avoid dormancy had a plant last year and put it with my other binata's and it died but not sure because of the cold Help Help :? :? :?
  13. Hi I have just got some darlingtonia seed please can anyone tell me the best time to sow and if any particular method is needed Regards Chris :?