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  1. How long did it take from planting the seeds to seeing first signs of life? I planted a few seeds late Autumn last year and haven't seen anything yet
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  4. Thanks for your comments and interest. I'm glad to see at least one other has observed the same thing as me. I've been considering running a little experiment to go someway to proving the observation using cotton buds, some glass jars, some old chrysalis maggots from the fishing bate shop , sugar water and of course Dionaea nectar. Some jars would have only sugar water on the cotton buds, others with harvested Dionaea nectar. Once the chrysalis hatch into flies I could observe the behavior in a more scientific setting.
  5. Hi. Like many of you CP growers out there, i enjoy observing my plants and seeing them feed naturally on flies and other insects, non more so than my Dionaea. I have noticed that flies feeding on the Dionaea Muscipula 'nectar' seem to become intoxicated slowing them down dramatically. Now i know American pitcher plants nectar is proven to have this kind of effect but this observation i noticed before i owned any pitcher plants. Also my pitcher plants are kept in a different green house this year yet i still regularly observe this behavior in the flies around my Dionaea. I've yet to see any written confirmation of this characteristic though i admit i don't own much litterateur on the subject so have just browsed the internet. I was just curious if any of my fellow CP growers out there have observed this or have seen any written confirmation? Happy Growing. 0rmus.
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    Ceph Micro

    From the album: Ceph Micro

  7. My first Cephalotus flowers opened today.
  8. Hey guys. I have been growing some coleus seedlings (Wizard Mix) and one of them is not like the others. [lightbox]2013-05-16/0rmus/7fccf3[/lightbox] [lightbox]2013-05-16/0rmus/04cbc6[/lightbox] [lightbox]2013-05-16/0rmus/8af12b[/lightbox] If anyone out there knows about coleus i'de like to know if this is a case of a different coleus cultivar get in the mix or is this a new variant? Thanks 0rmus
  9. I would like to point out that i'm not defending that the Zen Flora's Cephalotus is a Big Boy but merely trying to get clarification ether way. Some of you seem to jump on anyone trying to get true clarification on the matter as though they are defending the distribution of fakes. There is definitely enough ''fishyness'' to bring dispute over the origin of the ceph but other than speculation i have yet to see any discernible proof that it is or isn't a Ceph Big Boy. This to me is the biggest indication that it MIGHT not be a Ceph Big Boy. I'm a bit annoyed i will have to label my cuttings as typical s when there is no rubber stamp proof ether way but i definitely won't contribute to this 'fake' malarkey that seems to litter the CP world.
  10. Though i always keep note of where i have purchased my plants from i can't trace any of them back to the originator with 100% certainty. Unless you purchase from the originator, how can anyone? Its more a case of taking the sellers word or reputation, which in the case of Zen Flora, is now in dispute. What proof is there that it isn't a Big Boy?
  11. I got a Cephalotus 'big boy' from Zen Flora last year. The first one i got died soon after arrival for seemingly no reason. The seller was kind enough to send me a replacement free of charge and i found her nice to deal with. Here are some pics of the Cephs from Zen Flora i got sold as 'Big Boy' I also have a smaller clone of Ceph Big Boy from Gardenofeden. Personally i am not able to tell the difference between the Big Boys. My hummers giant however does seem to show some different characteristics. I would like to know for sure that the Ceph is a 'Big Boy' as i have some cuttings i was hoping to trade but i don't want to pollute collectors with fakes.
  12. Though they are both used to add drainage and aeration to soil there are different in regards to carnivorious plant cultivation. Vermiculite will brake down in soil over time leaving mineral deposits that will be harmful to most CPs. Perlite does not.
  13. Bayer provado ultimate bug killer. It comes in a concertrate and a ready to use spray bottle.
  14. Thanks for clearing that out. I assumed anyone could get in free before 10am. I was planning to go but very recently got a new job which has put a spanner in the works. I'll make it to an open day eventually!
  15. Thanks Stephen. Very kind of you to offer a lift from the nearest town. I had a look into the buses and getting to Stamford bridge from York train station. It’s as simple as jumping on the number 10 bus outside the station. As much as I would like to attend the open day I’ve found out I may have to work that day. To ensure I don’t muck anyone about with lifts and such I’ll just say I won’t be attending this time round. Pretty gutted as i was hoping to 'see how its done'. Sure i could have learned a lot being a newbie.
  16. How easy / hard would it be to get to the open day via public transport? Is there a near by bus / train station? I would be coming from Manchester and can get to York City Centre via train.
  17. Haha, glad the mystery is solved and suspicions lifted from your greenhouse quests.
  18. I think the way I water requires a bit more effort and would be impractical with large numbers of plants but my medium and plants seem happier since adapting this technique.
  19. I’m just going off what I have read from some esteemed CP growers and what has so far worked for me. It’s not my intention to give bad advice. I guess this is one of those ‘each to their own’ things.
  20. I've never used littleshopofhorrors but I increasingly read many do. I've always seen them as a bit pricey but I guess their value swings on their definition of 'good sized' plant. I’ll have to try them out sometime.
  21. Personally I don't recommend leaving any of your CP's in a tray of water. I've found this keeps the medium too wet and increases the risk of rot and fungus. I do recommend watering CP's with a tray until the medium has had a good soak and then letting it become the dry side of moist before watering again. Watering like this encourages good root growth and keeps the top soil drier and pest free. On hot dry days I do leave some of my CPs in small pots in a trays of water to stop the medium drying out too fast. *edit* The above is for peat mixes, when using sphagnum as a medium, leaving it in a tray doesn't seem to do much harm but personally i still try to let things dry out a bit to encourage root growth.
  22. Thanks for the correction Darkrai283, speeling has never been my strong point I'll edit my post.
  23. Wow, thats impressive. I like the design. Let us know how the plants like it.
  24. I just wanted to say a big “Thank You” to Dianne and Ian for their generosity in giving away hundreds of beautiful plants. I received the plants this afternoon and was very pleasantly surprised. There were so many plants I had to panic buy some more pots! I particularly like the mixed *purpurea* hybrids and can’t wait to see how the S. x Ahlsii develops. Here are a few pictures of them settling in their new home. Others feel free to share you pics and comments on Dianne and Ian’s plants in this thread. Thanks again Dianne and Ian, you two really brightened up my day. 0rmus
  25. Hi MalcolmP. Sorry to hear about the Sphagnum Moss. Would the sphagnum be a replacement for perlite? No, not really. Even dead it would still retain water like a sponge. It wouldn’t provide the drainage and aeration you get from adding perlite to a peat mix. Using long fibrous sphagnum like you get for hanging baskets is a good potting mixture by itself. Its high water abortion is counteracted by its lower density so you don't need perlite. It does tend to keep things a bit on the wet side, especially is you are trying to keep the surface spagnum alive. I use it for small plants and cuttings. You can still use the dead sphagnum as a potting mixture as long as it isn't rotting. My suggestion to you is give it a good soak with rain water, chop it up, stick it in a pot and it’s good to go. For larger plants I prefer a peat and perlite mix 1:1. Add suitable sand to the mix If you can find any. This allows the medium to have a nice moist/dry*ish* cycle which will stimulates good root growth and helps prevent rot and fungus attacks. As for the safety of perlite, i'm not sure what you mean? If you mean the possibility of mineral build up on the perlite, a good soak can counter that. If you mean the dust, again, a good soak can counter that ...or a dust mask.