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  1. Alexis,

    Were you the owner of violetmount.com? I have 229 links in the CP Photo Finder to violetmount.com that are not working. Are those photos gone or have they been moved somewhere?

    Rather than reply by a CPUK message, would you reply to me at [email protected] ?


  2. Alexis,

    Are or were you the owner of http://www.violetmount.com ?

    I have 231 links to that site in the CP Photofinder http://cpphotofinder.com that no longer work. Before I delete all of the links, I wanted to see if they are gone or moved somewhere else.


  3. Several have posted photos http://cpphotofinder.com/nepenthes-x-burbidgeae-x-platychila-5666.html
  4. It could be that CPUK has used all of the space purchased from the ISP. An alternative is to put your photos on any number of free photo hosting sites such as photobucket, flickr, imageshack, etc. and then post the image link on this forum.
  5. Perhaps this concern is all about nothing. Get an inexpensive TDS meter and check your water. Since we receive no rain from May till November, for years I have hauled water from the neighboring town because I assumed that my well water was not suitable for CPs. The town water was 90 ppm, which I found adequate for growing CPs under my conditions. This year, I finally bought a TDS meter and discovered my well water was actually 55 ppm.
  6. http://cpphotofinder.com/dionaea-burbanks-best-2062.html http://cpphotofinder.com/dionaea-g14-rosetted-2160.html Personally, I would rather have B52: http://cpphotofinder.com/dionaea-b52-2043.html or Ginormous: http://cpphotofinder.com/dionaea-ginormous-7611.html
  7. I would take out D. Burbanks best
  8. GazCez, sorry to hear of your disappointing experiences. I have a friend that ever since he was a small child he wanted to operate a tropical fish store. He eventually rented a space in town and opened his store. He was really happy, but after a year he sold his store and quit. He said the reason he no longer enjoyed his store was that although the vast majority of his customers were great, at least once a week someone was so critical and complained that it completely ruined his joy. Dealing with the public is a challenge.
  9. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 44, number 2, June 2015 is available for download as a PDF for ICPS members on the ICPS web site: http://icps.clubexpress.com/ Hard copy was mailed to ICPS members on May 21. CONTENTS CPN editors Do bears disperse Darlingtonia? The intricate Pinguicula crystallina/hirtiflora-complex Prey capture patterns in Nepenthes species and natural hybrids – are the pitchers of hybrids as effective at trapping prey as those of their parents? Germinating Nepenthes seed: Putting myths to rest Resolution of the relationships within the North American pitcher plant genus, Sarracenia Cultivation of Australian aquatic insectivorous plants Giant Cephalotus of unknown origins New cultivars: Dionaea muscipula ‘Spotted Hyena’ Carnivorous plant cultivar names registered in 2014 Grex names published by the International Nepenthes Grex Registry
  10. I find it best to put them in a hanging planter. That way the leaves can droop without hitting the bench/ground.
  11. The illustration is on page 5 of http://www.sffaudio.com/podcasts/TheFloweringOfTheStrangeOrchidByH.G.WellsPEARSONS.pdf
  12. I just visited the Amazon link and it shows that the e-book is available and the price is US$2.99. Is there a problem accessing Amazon from Singapore? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QXGSWLY
  13. Thank you for the information. I got your book and it is very nice.
  14. Just to inform those that have not yet found it, ICPS has updated the list of registered cultivar names http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cultivars/names.php Some of the information is missing because I have been unable to obtain the published description or official photo. If someone has access to these publications and would email a copy of a missing description to me, I will add that to the ICPS web site. Eventually Jan Schlauer, the Registrar of CP Cultivar Names, will update his CP Database http://www.omnisterra.com/bot/cp_home.cgi and the available information will become more complete.
  15. The problem is that these databases are created and maintained by volunteers and consequently become out of date until someone has the tome or motivation to bring it up to date. In the meantime, perhaps this will help. In addition to Jan's CP Database, a comprehensive list of cultivar names can be found at http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cultivars/names.php It also is out of date, but will eventually be updated. A listing of the missing registered cultivar names and description sources can be found at http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/articles/CPNv42n2p71.pdf http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/articles/CPNv43n1p31_32.pdf The most recent (2014) cultivar names will still be missing. In March 2015, ICPS will publish in CPN the list of cultivar names registered in 2014. The cultivar names and descriptions printed in CPN so far in 2014 are found at http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/articles/CPNv43n1p23_28.pdf http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/articles/CPNv43n2p74_75.pdf
  16. I believe the white flowered form is called Pinguicula grandiflora f. chionopetra (Nelson)
  17. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 43, number 1, March 2014 is available for download as a PDF for ICPS members on the ICPS web site: http://icps.clubexpress.com/ Because of a delay at the printer, hard copy will be mailed to members in mid-March. CONTENTS In memory of Geoff Wong Observations of the natural history and ecology of Nepenthes campanulata Cephalotus follicularis cultivars and forms in cultivation – is there a basis for the current naming protocols? A trip to Mount Trus Madi – the Nepenthes wonderland New cultivars: Dionaea muscipula ‘Kayan’, Dionaea muscipula ‘Phoolan Devi’, Drosera californica ‘Portland Sunrise’, Sarracenia ‘Black Jaw’, Sarracenia ‘Black Mamba’, Sarracenia moorei ‘Silvia Luise’ Book review: The Savage Garden: Cultivating Carnivorous Plants Cultivar names registered in 2013 Literature reviews 10th International Carnivorous Plant Conference
  18. The species description is found at http://www.sekj.org/PDF/anbf33/anbf33-029.pdf Steiger questions the validity of the taxon due to "rather poor descriptions with insufficient drawings" http://www.pinguicula.org/pages/Publications/J_Steiger_Bonn.pdf
  19. I modified the "Dracula" listing in the CP Photo Finder to make Trev's point clear and added a link to this thread. Part of my purpose in creating the CP Photo Finder was to allow people to compare photos to help verify whether their plants looked correct. There are numerous clones being grown and distributed that are not identified correctly. This results in a big mess.
  20. Some photos at http://cpphotofinder...y-vft-2283.html http://cpphotofinder...-cudo-2087.html http://cpphotofinder...pygmy-2306.html http://cpphotofinder...simum-2242.html http://cpphotofinder...cross-4556.html http://cpphotofinder...-form-2241.html http://cpphotofinder...giant-6192.html http://cpphotofinder...-form-2042.html
  21. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 41, number 4, December 2012 is available for download as a PDF for members on the ICPS web site: http://icps.clubexpress.com/ Hard copy will be mailed to members on November 30. CONTENTS • Drosera bicolor Lowrie & Carlquist • The digestive fluid of Drosera indica contains a cysteine endopeptidase (“droserain”) similar to dionain from Dionaea muscipula • 2012 CPN reviewers • In vitro rooting of Nepenthes truncata Macf. • Wounding and chemical treatment effects on Drosera capensis bud formation on leaf cuttings • Drosophyllum lusitanicum L • The Roridulaceae • Drosera slackii Cheek • Germination of 22-year-old Drosophyllum lusitanicum and Byblis gigantea seeds • Apology • Mail Delays?
  22. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 41, number 3, September 2012 is available for download as a PDF for members on the ICPS web site: http://icps.clubexpress.com/ Hard copy was mailed to members on August 31. CONTENTS • Lubomír Adamec: News in ecophysiological research on aquatic Utricularia traps • Francis Q. Brearley & Muhammad Mansur: Nutrient stoichiometry of Nepenthes species from a Bornean peat swamp forest • Nigel Hewitt-Cooper: Drosera regia Stephens • Damon Collingsworth: A surprise in the gloaming: A field observation at Splinter Hill Bog Preserve, Alabama • Soumen Aditya: Drosera burmannii: A carnivorous plant species from eastern Ghats of India • Guillaume Bily, Larry Logoteta, Steve Amoroso & Victor Holland: New cultivars: Dionaea muscipula ‘Blanche Hermine’, Sarracenia ‘Jeremy’, S. ‘Illuminated Hut’, S. ‘Pomegranate’, S. ‘Saxapahaw’. • Jan Schlauer: Literature reviews: Is Drosera meristocaulis a pygmy sundew? Evidence of a long-distance dispersal between Western Australia and northern South America. Late Cretaceous Palaeoaldrovanda, not seeds of a carnivorous plant, but eggs of an insect • Marcel van den Broek: Book review: Australian Carnivorous Plants
  23. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 41, number 2, June 2012 is available for download as a PDF for ICPS members on the ICPS web site: http://icps.clubexpress.com/ Hard copy was mailed to ICPS members on June 1. This issue is dedicated to the memory of Peter Taylor. CONTENTS Marcel van den Broek: Peter Geoffrey Taylor 1926-2011 Gilbert Taylor: Memories of Peter Geoffrey Taylor (1926-2011) Ray M. Harley: My memories of Peter Taylor Barry A. Rice: In memory of a mentor Jan Schlauer: Peter Taylor’s nomenclatural legacy (Phanerogams) Andreas Fleischmann: The new Utricularia species described since Peter Taylor’s monograph Andreas Fleischmann: Philcoxia: A new genus of carnivorous plant Martin Spousta and Jan Franta: Atlas of bladderworts Barry A. Rice: Book review: Sarraceniaceae of North America and Sarraceniaceae of South America
  24. You might find this to be of interest: Cantley, Robert, Martin Cheek, Paul F. Gardner, Phill Mann, Barry Meyers-Rice, Norman Parker, and Paul Temple (2000) Favorite Anecdotes on Adrian Slack. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 29(4):109-116 http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/articles/CPNv29n4p109_116.pdf
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