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  1. hi... i am late enough to discuss on this thread but i hope this action will met the winner who worked hard to get this achievement. i have seen the result of this competition and i found this was the real good combination of the talent and hard work.
  2. hi... Most of the plants are looking like the plants which are grown underwater and I like first and fourth one plant because these are looking most beautiful.
  3. nice pics. last pix in these snaps looking much much beautiful.
  4. hi... nice way to start the planting.
  5. hi... this is a long list and informative too. thanks for sharing with us.
  6. hi... This is good enough. i hope this will work and will be taken by the crowd universally.
  7. this is very beautiful seen of the outside environment from the window.
  8. hi... this is one of the nice inforamtion in direction of saving the plants.
  9. hi... this is one of the nice inforamtion in direction of saving the plants.
  10. these are really good sites to update your knowledge. i use ocps.proboards.com, barrreport.com sites to update my plant knowledge.
  11. Hi… This was the worst part of your fine work. That person should also think about it as you were working for the plant. And you are saying that that were quite new species you have ever seen then it may also happen they doesn't suit you climate.
  12. hi... really have no idea but first and last one are looking much much beautiful. if you are interested in growing the wild flowers plants as they suits normal weather conditions you can take help from www.ukwildflowers.com/Web_pages_intros_indexes/thumbnail_ZtoA_index.htm
  13. hi.. this is good idea in order to make your plant healthy in different weather conditions, and i hope this will work.
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