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  1. Nesuprantu , negi Lietuvoje taip atsilikęs apsipirkimas internetu??? Kad net per tv Swedbanko atstovė reklamuoja jį :DD Siaubas :DDDD

  2. Kas Vespa gerą parduoda?


  4. Sveiki, kas galit parūpint muzikinų cd ? GAL TURIT NEREIKALINGŲ, tik dulkes renka...

  5. Labai ačiū visiems pasveikinusiems su gimtadieniu, tikrai malonu , kad tiek daug žmonių nepatingėjo ir pasveikino, ačiū jums :) Thx Tamas Jozsef Szekhelyi as well :) was a wonderful day , very busy :)))

  6. Yes, I made mistake, it`s Filiformis :) . So thx everybody, will look some nice warm place to put plants inside, thx for advices.
  7. Hi everybody, what happened that nobody else posting answers, nobody knows?
  8. Hi ada, nice to see you again, thx for comment , apriciate ;) . Enybody else can help me please?
  9. Hello everybody, I realy need your help , poeple who have better knowledges. Since Spring, my some plants been outside in greenhouse, not very good quality greenhouse, bought it from wilkinsons. Plants who are inside: Sarracenia hybrid ; Saracenia purrpurea Dionea muscipulata and dentata Drosera heliaformis ; Drosera Staphulata, Drosera Capensis , Drosera Madagascariensis , Drosera Anglica. And very important , it`s seedling, who been growing more than one year, half of time inddor, and from spring outside, is Drosera Alliciea , about 40 of them, and Drosera Capensis Red. QUESTION : With one of this plants i should allready put inside? And with one i can leave it ? Last winter S.purpurea and hybrys,Dionea muscipulata been outdoor, but none of droseras. Looking forward to hear from you, thank you very much.
  10. Kas galit man padėt Eset`ą pasidaryt? :))

  11. THATS AWESOME MATE How did you get such a gut result?
  12. How is your pigmies mate? :)
  13. But my Drosera Capensis plants died in winter...go to dormancy, but now grow back :)
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