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  1. I've ordered plants of him once, they were fine, i got the plants the next day after shipment, but i live in the same country as Gert.
  2. Marlon

    Calanthe 2013

    ok thanks for the answer
  3. Marlon

    Calanthe 2013

    really nice orchids, how about temperatures and watering?
  4. My guess would be N. X hookeriana.
  5. what a beauty, i have bought a cypripedium hybdrid for my garden last week, i cant wait to see the flowers
  6. the soil looks quite wet for cacti
  7. from my interpretation, the second quote says that you can't name your seedlings ''Hurricane Creek White'' so the only way to get the cultivar is trough vegetatively propagtion. i hope it helps to answer your question regards, Marlon
  8. a CFL isn't necessary if you have a windowsill that recieves enough light. i have a nice pitchering nep on a east windowsill, it just doesn't produce in winter. but in spring/ summer and autumn it does quite well.
  9. the plant you have looks like a N x hookeriana to me so it is a hybrid between a N.ampularia and a N.rafflesiana. both of the parent plants are lowlanders and they like it warm. the info that Silverman gave seems quite right, just keep in mind they like higher temperatures.
  10. a drosera fern hmmmm.... well i think Drosera adelae is close to that. very nice ferns Andreas!
  11. Hi Marcel, thanks for the answer, I guess i see you then!
  12. Hi Marcel, i will be there for sure, just got one question left. is it possible to come a bit later then 10 o'clock or is there something like a program? kind regards, Marlon
  13. if i were you i would wait a few months, then there will be a revised version of the savage garden.
  14. but they like a winter dormancy, so cooler temperatures in the winter, they can even get some frost (but not too much)