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  1. Hey guys curious how your cuttings I sent you are doing? Update on mine: I left Coxon's rocket outside all summer last year for the very first time and it did turn quite dark / black with the extra sun exposure.
  2. hopefully next spring it will burst into life :)
  3. glad to hear Amar! :) how long have you had the plant now? any photos?
  4. Red Rocket: still growing well but not as large or vigorous as the other, still shows better red/dark colours compared to Coxons rocket on the same window cil receiving the same sunlight. As you can see its slowly starting to show its Autumn colours :)
  5. Hi guys... ok a long over due update on my plants. Both Coxons Rocket and Red Rocket are alive and doing well... Especially Coxons Rocket which is now absolutely HUGE and producing some nice sized pitchers. Interested to hear how the handful of pullings I sent out are doing? Here are some photos taken today... Coxons Rocket: Still bright green with little red/dark marking despite being in full sun, growing well! its an absolute beast (will need re-potting again soon!)
  6. You have only had it for 4 and a half weeks harro :-s lol
  7. for anyone interested I have 1 leaf pulling available for both "Coxons Rocket" & "Red Rocket" these will be the last ones I sell this year. pm if interested. due an update too so il get some new photos when I get a minute :)
  8. im going to have a bid on it, I need some location cephs in my collection
  9. this thread is getting a bit ridiculous now... i feel sorry for Andy as this is ruining his sale on ebay and accusations from the same few of photoshopping & underhand tactics are just out of order imo. Iv bought plants from Andy off ebay a couple of times and can highly recommend both him and his plants.
  10. Hi Jozef, not sure what you mean?
  11. doing well mate once the weather warms up we can do that swap
  12. hey greg. my plants seem to do really well on my kitchen window cil which is almost dead on south facing