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  1. See http://www.carnivoro...edgermguide.htm , "Temperate Drosera"

    Basically the answer is that you should sow the seed outdoors now so that they will get several weeks of cold and wet, just as they would in nature. You might want to use a sieved part of the soil mix as a top dressing, and cover with fleece or otherwise protect the pots from the rain so that seed won't be washed down into the soil.

    The seeds will germinate in the spring.

    Thanks for that.

    I'll have a go tomorrow.


  2. Hello everybody,

    How soon after collecting my own Drosera seeds should I sow them..?

    Would a spell in the fridge help with germination at all..? Or should I store them till next spring?, if so, how is best to store them.?

    The seeds I have collected (From my own plants) are Drosera rotundifolia, Drosera intermedia, Drosera anglica and Drosera Filliformis.

    Sorry about all the questions, this is the first time I've collected seed.!



  3. Good evening -nice to be here

    Just had a small greenhouse and am slowly becoming addictive to be CP''s

    Wonderful amazing plants!!!

    I am finding your site already very useful - but still have a lot of questions

    Perhaps i might be able to answer some of yours

    Best regards

    Hello Caveman and welcome, would you llike some rain..? :rainingsmile:

  4. Neil? I'm James :sarcastic_hand:

    It hasn't gone below 2 or 3 at nights recently, and the days are mild enough.

    The more I look in the greenhouse, I see more flowers coming, mostly flavas, but also a leuco.

    Oh Gawd... i'm sorry.

    I shoulda looked for my Reading Glasses when posting, sorry.

    But your plants still look splendid. :flag_of_truce: