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  1. Stunning! I added this species to my collection this year at the ICPS conference. Mark
  2. Hi manders, I have the bbs field guide, if you want bring a sample of the sphag to the Scottish branch open day, I'll bring some loops a microscope and the field guide! Then we can see if we can key this species off. Cheers
  3. Thank you very much David for hosting this event and being so accommodating to people's needs! This is one event that shouldn't be missed! Best regards Mark
  4. It's the members map still active
  5. Yes it will be great to see you again! I echo everything that Oliver and John have said, couldn't have said it any better myself! It's great everyone can all go away with some new knowledge and the different methods people have with there plants! Hers a wee pic of the plants that I was lucky to be given! It really is great to be able to meet people in the flesh from varied backgrounds and ages with the same love/obsession for carnivorous plants! Best regards Mark
  6. Excellent, glad you enjoyed the first meeting! It will be great to see you again, yes David's collection is well worth the look! Best regards Mark
  7. Hi everyone, The Scottish branch will be having an open day at David Duries (FunToFuny) collection in Limekilns. He keeps a very nice collection of temperate cp's and neps in his greenhouse and has his heliamphora in a big terranium! There will be nibbles and refreshments, myself and a few members will bring along some plants for a raffle or give away depending on numbers. The open day will start at 12 on Saturday the 5th of November, for anyone that would like to come along, could you contact me directly on the forum or on 07729014781 [email protected] So I can give you the full address! It will be great to see our regular members and some new ones! Best regards Mark
  8. Peat and perlite, peat and coarse quartz sand, peat perlite coarse quartz sand I personally find they are not to fussy with substrate as long as it's well drained! Mark
  9. Ah Thank you! I've seen it in pets at home, great to know that stuff is fine! Cheers Mark
  10. That would be great! I'll have those plants with me for you. Mark
  11. Hi Carl, where do you get your fine orchid bark from? I've got some fine orchiata bark at home for my orchids, don't want to use it with cp's as it is treated with dolomite, I'm waiting for an email back from besgrow to see if it can be washed off, as this bark is really hard and very long lasting compared to other brands! Mark
  12. Nice one Carl! Really like the wide midrib on that plant! Have you been up to the bogs recently? I've no managed up this summer. But will be up for Christmas! Cheers Mark
  13. That's great to see! I'll still get some ready for Christmas, just incase. But looking great so far! Mark
  14. If you're browsing on a Android mobile, click on request desktop site! Regards Mark
  15. I decided to self pollinate the Colombia location flower and the pod is fattening up nicely! Looking forward to growing some from seed, if the pod develops seed and viable seed at that! Hopefully both locations will flower at the same time next year, or maybe get a cross with, quelchii, alpina, nelumbifolia, reniformis or any of the others that decides to flower at the same time. Unfortunately the alpina aborted is flowers while I was at the ICPS conference, oh well hopefully next year!
  16. Hi, you will find this forum very useful with a wealth of great information and a kind and warm community. Regards Mark
  17. Hi everyone, We will be holding another informal meet at RBG Edinburgh again, we will meet up at the East gate for 2pm and will go to one of the coffee shop/eateries, where you can discuss all things cp related and go away with a nice plant from the raffle or one of the sale plants, that will be donated to the branch and all proceeds will go to the branch for further meetings refreshments and so on. Anyone is welcome to come along and see if they like it, if you decide you would like to be a regular member then all we ask is that you join the CPS at If everyone at the meet would like to go round the glasshouses we could take a walk around them as well. Many thanks and hope to see some new faces next month! Best regards Mark Mark
  18. I know that alba exotics use the same 45w leds on his neps and helis. So do a couple of other growers I know.
  19. Love your boschiana really well grown windowsill plant! Mark
  20. Thank you very much! I grow all my neps helis and orchidioides utricularia on South East facing windowsills in my flat, some were fine straight onto the windowsills and some needed time to adjust. I have to say that I'm up in Edinburgh so we get quite cool summers and being near the sea we get hars that come in that keeps it cool and humid most of the time, I need to get a new temp and humidity meter, but before it took a dip in the bath in January, humidity in the summer would be anything from 40% to 80% depending on weather and down to as low as 15°c at night to no more than 30°c when the sun is shining thru the windows on a really hot summer day, a lot lower temps in winter and higher humidity. I'm not sure yet, they've nearly hit the ceiling, when they do I'll just take some cuttings as I've already got uppers on them. Mark