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  1. I can vouch for alpina I grow this in a SE bedroom and bathroom windowsills, it grows alongside quelchii, reniformis, nelumbifolia, nephrophylla and jamesoniana, both locations of jamesoniana flowered this year for me. I also grow neps and heliamphora on these windowsills. Here's a pic of one of the jamesoniana I'm especially proud of getting this little gem to flower! Mark
  2. I would do the same as manders has recommended! If you let me know which country you live in I can see what is available and let you know. Mark
  3. It's the fine orchiata bark that I have to wash, never came across bark that was treated with lime before, lucky I always do a ton of research before I even buy a substrate ingredient! On a side note Orchiata bark by besgrow is one of the nicest barks I've come across and it's fantastic for orchids, which is its intended purpose. I know a very successful nep grower and seller that uses orchiata in all his neo mixes and he hasn't noticed any problem with it. Mark
  4. Hi I know mobile use prorep fine bark chips. I use fine grade Douglas fir bark but can't get hold of big bags of it anymore, I'm trialing fine grade orchiata bark at the moment, it's one of the best barks out there, only problem is they dust it with lime to bring the ph of the bark up to about 5.5 to 6.2 ph, so I soaked it for a day or two them well rinsed it. I've using it in my nep mixes and one ceph mix. Mark
  5. Welcome, nicely put together tanks! Mark
  6. Really enjoyed the open day at davids collection, it really has expanded since I last saw it a month ago, now with a dedicated nep/Highland plants greenhouse a temperate greenhouse and a large shed filled with helis in large terrainiums. When we had lunch among the helis it reminded me of the story of the early days for the CPS, when there was only 4 members who meet up in a shed! Here's a cp selfie David took of us while in the heli shed I'm at the back on the far left, can you tell I'm not great at having photos taken! Many thanks to David, John and Oliver who have been here from the start! Mark
  7. Hi Nathaniel, welcome to cpuk! You'll find a wealth of info and a great community here. I upload all my photos from my mobile using the tapatalk app. Best regards Mark
  8. Venus flytrap in one of David Attenborough documentaries being played on a boat? Mark
  9. That's no problem at all! I'll ask a friend about your sarracenia. Mark
  10. You're welcome Best regards Mark
  11. Don't worry its not a stupid question, use sharp scissors and don't worry about getting the dew on everything, the plant will produce more after the disturbance. Mark
  12. Hi and welcometo cpuk! The capensis looks fine to me, I would just cut off the dead leaves. I use the tapatalk app for my mobile, and can upload photos direct from my mobile, I find this really easy and haven't come across download limit Mark
  13. I know on the mobile Web page that it says it next to the persons name Mark
  14. Thank you for the info, can't see why I couldn't come down on the 20th. I'll contact Paul. Cheers Mark
  15. Hi David, let me know when you need me down and I'd be more happy to help at Chelsea, I really enjoy events where I can prattle on and on about cp's! My wee sister is down south so would be a good excuse to see her and the family. Mark
  16. Mark Anderson


    Hi, glad you chose cpuk, it's a great community! Best regards Mark
  17. I do prefer forums to Facebook, don't get me wrong, Facebook is ok to post a few pics and get likes and such like but I feel forums are more of a community and you can search a wealth of info in the numerous posts, with Facebook everything is crammed into a ever lengthening time line, I find it far too cluttered and a bore to keep scrolling through endless posts. I have met such a marvellous mix of growers on this site, also cpuk made forming the Scottish branch of the cps a lot easier, I met all the current members on cpuk. This all started last year from a simple post on here asking if people would be interested in meeting up in Edinburgh, I was quickly contacted by other people in Scotland and the CPS and with their invaluable help, a simple idea a year ago to meet now and again has turned into the Scottish branch! So I would like to give a big thank you to the people who keep this site running smoothly and to the CPS for taking over the site to keep this invaluable community going! Oh and tuberous dew season[emoji4] Mark
  18. Hi there, about 5 months ago I was gifted some very ill young seedlings of d roraimae in a peat perlite sand mix that looked a bit dodgy so I pricked them out and moved them into pure nz sphag and a mix of peat and coarse quartz sand that is completely inert and used in aquariums (unipac maui coarse quartz sand), they are all growing away happy now but I would say that the peat sand mix is far ahead of the sphag one in size and vigour. I think the problem with my friends mix was the sand want great and probably had lime in it. I stoppef using sand in any of my mixes a long time ago because all the horticultural lime free sands I could get my hands on, either bubbled and fizzed when testing with a weak acid or was to fine and all needed a ton of rinsing to remove all the crap out of it! It's only in the last year that I started using sand again since I found the coarse quartz sand I use now. Mark
  19. Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll find it as comfy as a pair of old slippers in no time at all, your English is great! Great bunch of people here with a wealth of info. Best regards Mark
  20. I just keep this one damp, I water from the bottom when the top of the substrate drys out. Then remove any water from the tray when it had soaked up all it can Mark
  21. @wozzen I grow it on a South West windowsill in my living room with all my other pings, no special treatment at all! Here's a photo from the end of summer Mark