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  1. the peat bog is just 5 10 mins from my mums, unfortunately it is quite degraded, there is allso an old granite quarry so whenever i'm up i lookout for chunks of white quartz which i crush into sand for my cp's, to be honest you don't need to look hard for it as the whole village and my mums garden is full of huge chunks of quartz. I'm going to search the rest of the bog this summer to see if i can get some nice photos of cp's, not holding my breath tho.
  2. Cheers, small world my mum lives in new pitsligo.
  3. Hello i'm new to this forum and the first forum i've used so all new to me. I've been growing carnivorous plants for a number of years now, but just started to get into nepenthes which is my new obsession. I grow 15 dionaea muscipula (typical forms) 1 sarracenia rubra ssp rubra 1 sarracenia rubra ssp gulfensis 3 sarracenia purpurea venosa 3 sarracenia psittacina 1 sarracenia x mitchelliana 6 drosera capensis 10 pinguicula x wesser 1 nepenthes x ventrata 2 nepenthes x bill bailey I allso grow a few orchids and 3 green species of uk green sphagnum moss and 1 red uk sphagnum moss. This really is a top notch carnivorous plant forum.
  4. Lovely nepenthes, i'm just starting out with this genus, got xventrata and 2 xbill bailey
  5. If anybody has anything else to add, please do. the more info and other peoples experiences the better.
  6. cheers pal, all your suggestions sound spot on. thankyou for all your help had a look at your photos, you really are a top grade grower
  7. do you chop your lfs up before mixing with perlite, if so what size?
  8. thats good to know about your experience with temps as i live in scotland, what % of sphagnum to perlite do you use for nepenthes bill bailey? From what i read on the internet n xbill bailey comes from two highland parents, but when i emailed borneo excotics i was informed that it is an intermediate hybrid(they grow it between min night 13c with day max of 25c but it will tolerate temps outside this range). Are there maybe an intermediate form of ventricosa or singalana that they used in this hybrid, as i know there are other species of nepenthes that have different forms at different elevations?
  9. I am quite new to growing nepenthes and have just purchased nepenthes bill bailey from hampshire carnivorous plants, it came in excellent condition growing out of its bio dome. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some cultivation info on nepenthes bill bailey, i will be growing it indoors in a south east window with a humidity of 70 to 80%. I keep on finding conflicting info on the web some say its a cross of two highland species and other places say its an intermediate hybrid. So if anyone has any experience in growing this or has some info on light, humidity, temperature and best soil mix. I have shamrock peat, j arthur bowers vermiculite, new zealand sphagnum moss, uk red and green live and dead sphagnum mosses which i grow myself, a little bit of fine orchid bark which has some horticultural charcoal mixed in it, westland surestart perlite. kelkay alpine grit, kelkay grit sand, kelkay fine grade silver sand all of the kelkay products are all horticultural lime free and washed. Are all of these products good for nepenthes and other cps. thankyou
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