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  1. Hi I have a male ventricosa X ephippiata from exotica plants coming into flower if interested? Regards Mark
  2. I have a seed grown plant available its about 5cm if interested? Regards Mark
  3. Hi Marlon I use 80% laterite , 10% perlite , 10% peat. This is what I potted my small rajah in 3 months ago and it growing very fast. Its now producing its fifth new leaf and has doubled in size. Thanks Mark
  4. Hi Jeremiah I was wondering how long you have had your edwardsiana and where did it originally come from? Thanks Mark
  5. mark

    Ceph Disaster

    Hi naz That's not good. This has happened to one of my ceph's before. I repotted it and after it settled back in it was fine. They are normally quite tough plants. They can look completely dead sometime's but they often regrow from there roots. Thanks Mark
  6. Hi marc Thanks for the info. I might add a little laterite to the mix then and see what happens. How old is your plant? Any chance of seeing a few pictures? Thanks again Mark
  7. Hi all I was wondering what the best potting media is for edwardsiana? What gives the best growth rates? What conditions would be better hl or inter? And any other advice you guys could give. Thanks Mark
  8. Thanks for the advice sounds like a good idea. Regards Mark
  9. Hi All I'm wondering what the best potting media is for nepenthes edwardsiana? What gives the best growth rates? Would like to hear peoples options. Thanks Mark
  10. Hi Gaz Keeping it in the greenhouse will be fine. I would recommend that you put bubble wrap around the greenhouse as well as using the heater. As long as the temperature does not go below 7 c then the plant should be fine. regards Mark
  11. Jens mate these are all beautiful looking plants. The edwardsiana is amazing. Cheers Mark
  12. Hi I have had one for a while now the leaves started off green but now its in my greenhouse they have turned red I think its down to the amount of light it gets more than anything. Mark