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    Planted aquaria, CP's, writing songs, playing the drums and bass, graphic design

About Me

Hey, I'm Andras Tundik from Hungary.

My obsession with plants originates in 2009, when I became interested in emersed and submerged aquascaping (My works on the UKAPS forum). This is a form of aquarium (and terrarium) keeping where the aim is to create a water scape as closely resembling natural qualities as possible with plants and materials such as various types of stone and wood.

I've equally been fascinated by carnivorous plants for a long time, it just seemed as too big a bite earlier. Now that I know enough about plants in general I can take my knowledge to the next level and keep some CP's :) Hopefully with your help I can become as successful as you guys here :)

Other than this I am a university student. I also work as a graphic designer. And also (:D) I'm a drummer and songwriter, I love music as much as I do plants!

Thanks for reading my profile!