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  1. Then it looks a whole lot better than it smells then:-) fantastic, does it stay outside all year?
  2. I've used granite chips with no problems and it looks good ( to me:-)
  3. Mine aren't as big as that, at a guess the largest pitchers are 3-4 cm tall, but seem to be getting into their stride again after a repot
  4. Good to see you posting pics again ,a couple of pics of my sibuyanensis x burkei (thanks again:-)
  5. And they take up less room:-)
  6. Yeah that cactus has gotta be a keeper, cracking bloom
  7. Maybe you would see slime trails if it were slugs or snails, have you looked into the pitchers to see if the offender is hiding, I think some wasps can get caught and cut their way out
  8. corky

    Dudley Watts

    Looking really good
  9. Expensive taste , little sods did the same to some of my flowers last year, bring out the nematodes;-)
  10. The first plant could be n. Robcantleyi x spathulata
  11. I put half inch ish of sphagnum in the bottom of my pots
  12. I tried a few years to get slackii seeds off a single clone and failed, then I tried a hybrid with capenensis and also pure slakii a couple of years back and ended up with loads of what looks like pure slackii , so none the wiser what do you think, doesn't look like a hybrid to my untrained eye
  13. I repotted mine because they needed more space , they were speeding up after slowing down a bit after I repotted them , if you repot try and keep as much soil around the roots as possible to avoid root disturbance this year mine started to flower in February but has been as late as April in previous years, might be too late now:-(
  14. I'd carry on doing what you're doing, they look great to me , not a blemish or bit of mould in sight ( unlike mine:-(
  15. hi Olivier I've been using this and the sphagnum seems to grow well, I use it at about half strength
  16. I have grown a couple of heli's in living sphagnum and used orchid focus with no issues, in fact the sphagnum grows very well and needs a trim. I haven't used it on nepenthes but have heard that others do with no problems
  17. My views are if the sphagnum is to be used for potting up plants to be grown in high light levels and lowish humidity then it should be cultivated in the same conditions, or you would have to acclimatise it after and thats time and hassle
  18. Seriously bad news, I envied your plants when you used to show pics. I know bugger all compared to you Bill (so can't offer advice) , really weird how you did so well until recent years , and the last few have been so mild. I hope you can get to the root of the problem, been reading about hydrogen peroxide recently and wonder if a low percentage in the water could help with pathogens
  19. Thanks , 2014 seedlings are speeding up after a repot a few months ago , I recommend this to any ceph fan
  20. A few pics of the plants that germinated February 2014, its more or less their second birthday , growth hasn't been great but a very enjoyable experience , this next pic is of the batch germinated February 2015 they are grown in higher humidity under a fluorescent bulb in a propagator and are doing much better, one has a mature looking pitcher
  21. Nice one , I have a couple flowering , male and female so if you need a partner give me a shout
  22. Could have more strong winds coming in tonight and tomorrow morning, battern down the hatches
  23. Nice find, I would of hacked it off and stuck it in sphagnum , but I'm not as careful as you :-)