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  1. I wonder how much it would cost if we had a proper winter , been one of the mildest , when I was a nipper it would freeze solid for weeks:-)
  2. Could also try submerging the plant for a day , I'm sure a sundew would survive
  3. Where are you growing them , sorry if you already explained
  4. Hello Carson, welcome to the forum , there are some great sundew growers on here that I'm sure will be glad to share their knowledge
  5. I had always used warm water , don't know if that helped keep nozzles clear but I didn't have clogging problems. Sure it says warm the water on my neem, I also warmed the neem up in winter temps as it goes thicker
  6. I used an emulsifier (pink sun horticultural soap) with mine and I would recommend you do , I think some neem I had before already had an emulsifier in it but my current neem oil doesn't. I found that I would need to be a human centrifuge to mix it without the soap, it separates like oil and water very quickly and seemed to coat the inside of sprayer . I followed whatever instructions were on the bottle and no harm came to the plants I used it on but haven't used it on drosera
  7. thanks, and i too am surprised no one has mentioned it on here ,
  8. hi manders ,any chance of a link to the fb page
  9. Thanks for sharing these Fran├žois , I've been enjoying your recent blogs:-)
  10. Yes the windowsill is good and its a Mexican ping so should form tighter smaller leaves, pretty sure the winter Rosette is non carnivorous, it will need the shorter daylight hours on your windowsill to perform in a natural way and go into its winter stage.
  11. My plants have had frost and no bad effects , I have moved them inside now onto a windowsill as I don't want to push my luck. They saw a far bit of less than 10c weather and are pushing up flowers , pretty tough but not sure of the limits of Mexican pings, but mine suffer on rare 30c days in the summer as they are in a propagator and if I know its going to get really hot I take them out and place in a cooler shadier position
  12. I don't grow d. Intermedia, but you may of had the wrong information, there are both tropical and temperate forms, just a thought maybe this caused some confusion
  13. slightly different wording on the goldie listing , the guy might be gutted and a forum member so being accused of lying might be the final kick in the spuds
  14. I've heard that before, but it effects my car windscreen, the side that faces north will be frozen in a northerly wind whilst other sides are not , I find it hard to understand how windchill wouldn't have an effect, but I ain't the cleverest:-)
  15. Excellent results , good peat free alternative for those that care. Do you have to keep a particularly high water table? Or just to where the drainage holes are. I tried cat liter with vft's the other year , mixed with peat but they didn't seem to like it so I changed back to my normal mix , but always have some for succulents
  16. I missed it but thanks for sharing and hope to watch it on iplayer,
  17. That is a n. robcantleyi you are growing , "queen of hearts" is what borneo exotics called their female clone
  18. You were lucky, the plant didn't die and has sent out shoots from dormant buds, at the base of each leaf is a dormant bud and when cuttings are taken this is where the new growth appears
  19. N. Truncata n.hamata has plenty of pitchers n.burkei , I thank manders for the cuttings , have three that took and n. Robcantleyi has a flower on the way , also thanks manders that's the n. Copelandii upper in the background:-)
  20. corky

    N. lowii

    Nice one, is that your first upper pitcher?
  21. Could be a seed that blew in and germinated, or could of already been in your soil mix . Never know might still get some flytraps, I often get odd plants germinate before the seeds I planted do, trying to be positive here:-)