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  1. I think you'd be better off without the bell jar, I grow mine open to my house humidity and temps all year round, lowest humidity upper 20's but not often , average humidity at a guess between 40 and 50 ,they grow and flower well enough but I have them under Flo lights but am sure a sunny window would be fine ,adjust them with a bag and increase hole size and I reckon no jar required 

  2. I don't know much at all about tuberous drosera and grew these d ramellosa from tubers last season,  I dug them up recently to see if any daughter tubers had been formed , they hadn't but the original tubers now seem to look a very strange shape though significantly larger ,any idea if this is normalP1040014.JPG?width=1920&height=1080&fit=   DROSERA_RAMELLOSA.JPG?width=1920&height= 

  3. I would suggest you secure it somehow , they blow over very easily and that's a nightmare, I have a few and found out the hard way, I have concrete blocks on the very bottom shelve , you could do this and place your pots with seeds on top as you don't need height. Totally agree with Ada , two seasons and then cover is screwed by UV , I still think they are worth it though 

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