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  1. Overwatering shouldn't normally be an issue with this hybrid as it has ampullaria as a parent which is one of the few Nepenthes that grows in swamp like conditions.
  2. Apparently edwardsiana is quite tolerant temp wise. Although it does indeed extend into the Ultra highland group it also exists as a highland plant in its range. After reading of others growing it in intermediate temps with better success than highland conditions, I've decided to do the same. I've had it about six weeks or so and its produced a new leaf in this time which I'm very happy with given its very slow reputation. Wether this temp regimen will work long time is anyone's guess, Anyhu my temps are only 'intermediate' during the winter so hopefully will be ok. I'll keep you posted!
  3. Antony


    Gosh, just gosh! Really lovely!
  4. Hi David, I actually bought a new heater in the end. I know the 6kw heater was far too large for my 6 X 8. I bought it on an impulse not really knowing anything about it. Anyhu I fitted my new heater (Fir Tree 1.5 kW proheater) about a fortnight ago. Installed a 5 inch drain pipe vent to the back of the heater. Cracked a vent at the top to allow waste gases to escape. Everything worked splendidly, keeping the greenhouse at a nice even temp with no peaks n troughs. Then four nights ago BAM! it bloody well happened again! I knew it couldn't be the heater as it was new. Knew is wasn't ventila
  5. Do you mean commercially available potting compost? If so I would advise against it as they have fertiliser added. Not that this is a bad thing per se, but you don't know the amount or type added etc. Furthermore you don't know what other things are added. If it's your own compost from your own heap I'd be a little cautious about fungal spores? I use 1/3 strength seaweed fertiliser in my RO applied as a foliar feed fortnightly in the growing season, would that be an option?
  6. Hi all, Would anyone be able to direct me to some decent internet (or otherwise) resources on propane greenhouse heaters. I'm running a 6k Shilton Hotbox to heat my highland nepenthes house. I bought it on eBay last year and worked fine all winter. I sent it back to the manufacturer in the summer for a full service and until three days ago it was working fine. Now it just won't stay on. Kirklees Developments ( the manufacturer), think it's a venting issue. Strange though as the venting situation hasn't changed (although the weather has been very calm the last few days, so perhaps
  7. Antony

    more neps

    Great Burb colour and Talang shape! If you ever have any cuttings..........
  8. Antony

    more neps

    Gorgeous! What's the third one down? A real beauty!
  9. Thanks chaps! I'll try both!
  10. I've tried several times to add pics from my iPad to my gallery to no end! Every time I try it says 'Max space allocation exceeded'. I've tried using the basic uploader and the advanced but not working? Any help much appreciated!
  11. Antony

    Photos from iPad?

    Thanks Welshy! So I can just copy my photos across? Sounds simple enough! I'll try it
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    Photos from iPad?

    Hi all, Could anyone advise how to post pics from my iPad? I can't cut and paste into a message it seems? I know a lot of people link to Flickr, but then I also see pics posted in within the body of messages. #confused! I'd rather not set up a Flickr account if I can help it. Please help! Antony
  13. I recently repotted a Nepenthes hamata with a small immature pitcher. The reason I did this was 'cos it just wasn't growing fast at all and came to the conclusion it was the experimental inorganic media it has been in for the past 18 months. I fully expected the pitcher to abort. As I'm trying to cut down on organic materials i repotted it in 50/50 inorganic and sphagnum moss. To my surprise the plant didn't abort the pitcher but has leapt into growth and the pitcher hasn't skipped a beat. Note to self: hamata likes at least some moss in the mix. You live and learn.....anyway long story sho
  14. I'm at Norwood Jct good to be amongst proper growers! Thanks Loakesy!
  15. Hello all. I am fairly new to growing Nepenthes. Last year I bought a 6 x 8 greenhouse for my modest collection. Just came through first winter with only one minor disaster. (!). I don't have electricity in the greenhouse so don't have the option of using supplemental humidity like hydrofoggers etc, so hoping to get by without it for now. Heating is a Hotbox 6k natural gas heater. Very interested in growing plants inorganically. I'm experimenting with Leca clay pellets and Grodan rockwool cubes with a living topping of Sphagnum, ie something that can be watered daily without fear of rotti