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  1. Yes, they are all in the same family so it doesn't matter where they come from. Regards Neil
  2. Are you growing the plants in hanging baskets? If your medium is good you shouldn't really be able to over water a Nepenthes. I find that after watering the medium is still damp the next day and dry the day after but it is a bit warmer up here. I'd happily water my plants every day but sometimes I forget. Regards Neil
  3. If you don't manage a trip out to Lantau there are drosera on Hong Kong Island at Pokfulam country park. Walk along the road into the park from the bottom and they are on the wet rocks about 10 minutes into the park up on your left. You will have to climb up the rocks a bit away from the path. See this post and you may even be able to recognize which rocks they were up. It's a beautiful walk all the way up to the peak even if you don't see any CPs. Regards Neil
  4. Wow, looks like a great show! Thanks for posting. Regards Neil
  5. Those pots look great! Not exactly how you would find Cephalotus in the wild but really interesting anyway. Regards Neil
  6. I've always found direct sunlight much more important than humidity. Regards Neil
  7. Spectabilis x ventricosa was one of the first Neps I ever got and is still my favourite. Really colourful and easy to keep. Regards Neil
  8. Most of the pet axolotls you see contain tiger salamander DNA so are also not suitable for reintroduction. There are some breeding facilites in Mexico that are breeding pure axolotls but where to reintroduce them is clearly a big problem. Here in Australia the axolotl is the only non-native reptile or amphibian you are legally allow to keep. Regards Neil
  9. Welcome Les, I'm also a Brit living over here and have found that there are plenty of CPs around to buy. Show us some pics of your greenhouse when you get some time. Regards Neil
  10. Hampshire carnivorous plants has some nice Nepenthes. Regards Neil
  11. Good luck with whatever you choose to do in the future Rogier! Have you started collecting anything else? I find collectors are always collectors and just move onto collecting something different. I'm mainly into collecting palms these days but do still keep quite a few cps. Regards Neil
  12. Welcome to CPUK Shane. Your English seems very good so don't worry about that. You may be our first Taiwanese member so please post some photos of any native CPs you have if you get the chance. Regards Neil
  13. Welcome to CPUK. Nice collection you have there! Regards Neil
  14. Wow what a great place to hold the EEE. Looks like the sales tables were chock full of goddies. Thanks for sharing these photos. Regards Neil