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  1. = ) Good to hear it. Seems after having the humidity problem under control I'll have no further worries at least...I hope not.
  2. Thank you again for your help, I will focus on humidity first as, like you pointed out, it is very dry both the surface of the medium and the air. I finally have some time free in the weekend and will work on fixing this problem, hopefully finding a terrarium as well.
  3. Thank you for the replies. The facts are getting a bit conflicting and confusing me as to what to do lol! I will first of all take care of the sarrencia and VFT for their dormancy and find a place to put them, how long do they have to be dorment? I will then increase the humidity, hopefully with a terrarium, and continue growing with the HPS and see how the Drosera get along. It turned out the medium was actually nearly dry on top so their was indeed not enough humidity. Raising humidity should take care of that lack of moisture on the top of the medium. If I see that the Drosera's start grow
  4. The problem I have is buying a MHS lamp would be expensive as I import them from Italy, where I live I don't know of any stores that sell these kinds of lamps and haven't found any website or shops that sells them here. So I would have to spend quite a bit of money again just for a new bulb. The reason I chose this lamp is because it emits some radiation used by plants during the vegetative growth stage. I have read around and found out that MH can be used for flowering (according to these people) and that it does it well enough, but still I'm left with the problem that I would have to pay qu
  5. Yes I am going through winter, though the temperatures inside at night go no lower then 19 celcius. To let the sarrencia go into dormancy after placing it in a cool place does it still need lighting? Or can it be a cool place with low levels of light? Also my VFT is coming back out of the soil and is still very small and has no fully developed traps yet, should I still allow it to go into dormancy in the same conditions the sarrencia would need? Thank you for the information about the lamps heat, it is indeed hot. I was hoping to get a terrarium for carnivorous plants but still need to fin
  6. Thank you, it's good to know that at least the lighting is okay for them = )
  7. Does anyone else think it might be dormancy and also will my lamp work? I know they had a lack of light for some time but seeing as there has been no improvement in the drosera's and the sarrencia has young traps drying out and turning brown on their tops I'm still not sure what to make of this situation.
  8. Thank you for the reply. I hope so, it's been 4 days already and I haven't seen any improvement in the drosera's yet, I don't know how long it will take for improvement to start but I hope it is soon. The VFT has started growing back up out of the soil but seems to have slowed down a bit and the sarrencia I need to monitor longer to see if indeed it is improving, new tarps are being made but it seems the ones with the dry and brown tops are indeed dying and some suffer this problem and aren't even that big yet.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and have looked around it for the info I'm looking for but haven't managed to spot it, I could have missed it tough. Anyways, I bought a HPS lamp and ballast recently from the company *Sonlight* and have some doubts about the lamp, I am using a Sonlight 400w aggro lamp, here is a link: As you can see in the spectrum chart it does emit radiation in the blue region of the visible light range but will this lamp serve for good growth for my carnivorous plants? The total lumen value is around 60,000 with ballast. They adve