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  1. I've recently added a young S. Purpuria to my collection. This is a picture a few days after I received it and moved it into a 3 1/2 inch pot.
  2. Hi all, I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of the Cephalotus plants which I started from seed last December. Both plants are growing well, if slowly, with no problems with fungus etc,. They are about 20mm diameter and have just started to sprout the 2 new shoots as you can see in the photos. I'm really happy with them.
  3. Hi everyone, here's a couple of shots of my seedlings. The one I thought was dead is still growing too.
  4. Here's a pic of the one remaining seedling.
  5. Hi Stephen, It's Cana coco plus or Cana professional (Both names are on the bag). Ground coconut husk basically, but resembling peat rather than the fibrous type. Regards, Ian.
  6. Hi everyone, Just thought I'd share a pic of my Pygmy sundews, grown from gemmae in a mix of cana, perlite and dried sphagnum moss. Regards, Ian.
  7. Mine are the same, seeds were sown early January and put in fridge for 5 weeks then I moved them to a window sill. I've had 2 of my Cephalotus germinate but no sign of any Sarracenia seedlings. I've now moved them to a propagator and put a heat mat under them. Regards, Ian.
  8. Update: Two of the cephalotus seeds germinated successfully. Unfortunately I managed to disturb one of them while watering and it has turned brown, so I'm now trying not to kill the one remaining seedling. I'll post a photo when I get chance to transfer them from my camera. Regards, Ian.
  9. The CPUK photo hosting site is playing up, so I've put a pic of Pygmy sundew gemmae on photobucket. Regards, Ian.
  10. Quick update, Some of the Pygmy sundew gemmae have started to grow. I took a macro shot earlier today and will try and upload it later. What sort of humidity should I keep them in? At the moment the pot is in a terrarium, on a heat mat, under a 125w eco light and it has lots of condensation inside the terrarium. Regards, Ian.
  11. They are gemmae, do they need to be treated differently? This is the first time I've grown them. Regards, Ian.
  12. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll keep them cool for a while and be patient. I potted some Sarracenia purpurea and Drosera scorpioides in the same mix today. The Sarracenia are now in the fridge and the Drosera are in a warm propagator @ around 20°C. The Drosera arrived packed in damp tissue inside a plastic bag and were marked " Sow Immediately!" I'll keep you posted. Regards, Ian.
  13. This is how the soil mix looks after watering the seeds in. There are 3 seeds in separate 11cm pots.
  14. Hi mobile, I got the seeds from Triffid Nurseries in Suffolk. Apparently they were harvested in September this year. Regards, Ian.
  15. Hi everyone, My first attempt at growing cp's is now underway. However I could not get any moss peat locally, so I have made up a mix of equal parts Canna coco plus, dried sphagnum moss (re-hydrated) and perlite. I gently pressed the seeds onto the surface and watered them in as suggested in another post on the forum, then placed the pots into a propagator and placed them on a cool windowsill. I have a heat mat, but understand the cool temperature will help them to germinate, so I'll wait a few weeks before giving them any heat. When (if) they germinate, I will put them under a 125w blue spectrum (6400k) eco light. They were sown on Monday (12-12-2011) and I'll keep posting any progress updates. Fingers crossed. Regards, Ian.
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    It begins.

    Thanks for the welcome messages guys. In answer to the inactivemoth's question, the seeds were purchased from Triffid Nurseries in Suffolk. Regards, Ian.
  17. Ian_P

    It begins.

    Hello everyone, I'm new to growing cp's and to the forum, so thought I'd say hi. My first foray into the hobby started this morning with the arrival of the seeds which I ordered on Thursday (Cephalotus follicularis). I went to the local garden center, who usually have a couple of pallets of moss peat in stock and they had none. (Typical). Anyway, can't wait to get started and will keep you informed of any successful germination. Regards, Ian.
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    Tuberous Drosera