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    Evnin' all

    Welcome to the forum and the hobby Keith.
  2. I just thought I'd post a pic of my latest seeds, which I bagged up last night, ready for cold stratification. I put the seeds into folded strips of damp paper towel, then sealed them up in ziploc bags. I've put the ziploc bags inside the original packets just so I know which one's which. They are, Drosera Rotundifolia, Dionaea Muscipula "Akai Ryu" and Pinguicula Grandiflora, thought I'd have a go at growing a Butterwort. Regards, Ian.
  3. Great to see CPUK up and running again. :-)
  4. Nice photo's. I'm stratifying some seeds of this species at the moment. Hope they look as good as those plants do when/if they germinate. Regards, Ian.
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    The electric tooth brush really does work, I've used it on my more stubborn chilli plants. I touch the back of the toothbrush head onto the back of the flower and it shakes out the pollen. There is a specially made tool, but I've only seen them on Amazons U.S. site. Here's the link, http://www.amazon.com/Hydro-Gardens-Pollinator/dp/B0007R576S/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1364166524&sr=8-1-fkmr1&keywords=electric+pollinator Hope this is some use. Regards, Ian.
  6. Hi Chris, There's an Ikea in Wednesbury, which isn't to far away from me. It was a post on this forum about Ikea selling scarlet belle, that got me interested and it was mentioned that a trader on eBay was also selling them. Guess I should have gone to Ikea! Still, like you say, a free Psitticina for my trouble isn't bad. All the best, Ian.
  7. I got an email today from eBay saying that the seller had refunded the money I paid for the plant and the postage. No mention of wanting the plant returned though, perhaps they don't think it's worth the return postage. I did ask for a replacement of the correct type, but this wasn't mentioned either, so perhaps all his plants are the same as this one. This is the second time I've bought a plant from this seller and both times I've had a problem. The first plant, S.Purpurea, didn't arrive, but to be fair they did send a replacement. Thanks for all the advice, without this forum I'd have been none the wiser and just thought I'd got a really dull scarlet belle! Best regards, Ian.
  8. The plant arrived on Saturday morning, so only 2 days ago. I'll send the seller a message and see what response I get back.
  9. It's too late for that I'm afraid, I already potted it up into a bigger pot. I'll put it down to experience and buy from reputable nurseries in future!
  10. Thanks for the opinions guys. This is how Terraworld Tropicals described it on eBay, "Sarracenia "Scarlette Belle" is an amazing natural hybrid between S. psittacina and S leucophylla. It is very similar to "Wrigleyana", however the parents are reversed. In this cultivar S. psittacina is the female plant, S. leucophylla is the male plant. A stunning and vigorous plant." Looks like some false advertising going on! Regards, Ian.
  11. The latest addition to my cp collection, Sarracenia "Scarlet Belle", arrived this morning. I think I'll let it settle in for a few days before I move it from the 2 inch pot it's in now. Not very scarlet at the moment, but it is a young plant and has been in a cardboard box for a few days. S. "Scarlet Belle" Regards, Ian.
  12. While I was at my parents house today, it had been snowing most of the day and the temperature started dipping into the minus figures by the end of the afternoon, so I decided to move the plants into the conservatory. They'll still be cold, but I didn't want to risk leaving them out tonight with temperatures of -5C forcast. I noticed some new growth on the VFT separations as well, so I'm happy about that. Regards, Ian.
  13. Welcome to the Forum. :-)
  14. I used Canna Coco Professional, mixed with perlite and dried (re-hydrated) sphagnum, to sow some Cephalotus seeds and they germinated and are still going strong 15 months later. My main reason for using it was the same as yours, lack of available moss peat. Regards, Ian.
  15. Hi Tony, Welcome to the forum. I found that it becomes a bit addictive as well. So many interesting plants out there. Regards, Ian.
  16. This is what I use, Canna Coco Professional. I generally mix it with perlite and dried sphagnum, it basically replaces the peat. Regards, Ian.
  17. Hi Anna, Welcome to the forum, I've found it very useful since I started growing cp's just over 1 year ago, with friendly and helpful members. Ian.
  18. Thanks Davide, The substrate is a mix of Cana coco plus, perlite, dried sphagnum and a small amount of peat. I used a similar mix, without the peat, for my Cephalotus seeds with good results. It does look a lot better now. Thanks for the reply, Ian.
  19. I managed to go down to my parents today and cut the old pitchers off and re-potted my S. Purpurea. The root ball hadn't spread much so I teased the roots out to give it a better start in it's new pot. It looks lost in the new pot at the moment,but hopefully will soon fill it out. S. Purpurea. And close-up... Regards, Ian.
  20. I got my first Nepenthes a couple of weeks ago, N. Ventrata. Supposed to be relatively easy to keep, so a good starting point. It's hanging in the kitchen window and seems to be happy so far. Here's a pic I took after I unpacked it.
  21. Thanks Alex, I'll do it Sunday, next time I'm at my parents, as the plant is there with my vft's at the moment. The small green pitchers were already growing before the winter and they seem fine, the small purple shoots are new growth, which I'm pleased about. I might even re-pot it at the same time as I do the pruning. Regards, Ian.
  22. The forum displays on my browser on Android as a mobile page or I can switch to the full site and it still looks good, so you really don't need an extra app to use the site. I even posted a picture this afternoon using my HTC phone to take the shot, upload to photobucket, then paste the link on the forum.
  23. Hi Martin, I wasn't sure what to do with them. The compost is pretty much what it came in, with a bit of peat/sand around the edges, where I potted it up from it's original 2" pot into the 3" one it's in now. Was going to re-pot again into a bigger pot and will use peat/perlite. Looks like algae growing on the top. Thanks for the reply and advice, Ian.
  24. One of my VFT's flowered last year, it took ages for the bud to open and then it was in bloom for around 2 weeks.