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  1. It's planted in a mix of coco peat/sphagnum/perlite, the top dressing is crushed granite, which I added last night after removing a layer of carpet moss.
  2. Hi Gaz, Yes, I had it out in the sun yesterday and caught a couple of small beetles and a few ants for it, but this started about 3 days ago as a narrow ring then gradually widened into the band you can see now. It seems to have stopped spreading for now so I don't know what to think?
  3. Hi everyone, One of my 18 month old Ceph seedlings opened it's first adult pitcher about a week ago, but over the last few days it started to develop a green ring around the top, just below the 'teeth' and this has now become a wide band. It reminds me of the pitchers on my Nepenthes when they start to die off, but this one is a new pitcher, so I really don't know what to make of it. Here are a couple of pics I've just taken. It was turning a nice deep red and then this happened, has anyone got any ideas? Best regards, Ian.
  4. Looking at the last pic, it looks like the pot's been standing in water, which isn't recommended for N. Ventrata. Just keep the compost damp and mist the plant occasionally with rain water. Regards, Ian.
  5. Pinguicula (Butterwort) has leaves like you describe, but as far as I know they're not submerged in water.
  6. Ian_P

    My latest seeds.

    On Triffid nurseries website, they say VFT 'Akai Ryu' x 'Akai Ryu' so I would assume the offspring would be 'Akai Ryu'. If they're not, then the seed listing is very misleading, it even has an image of an all red plant labelled as 'Akai Ryu' x 'Akai Ryu'. I'll have to wait and see. Here's the web page, http://www.triffidnurseries.co.uk/browse_products_in_cat.php?pt_id=1&cid=1 Regards, Ian.
  7. Hi everyone, Today I had my first adult pitcher open it's lid. The plants are now approximately 18 months old and the second plant is still only producing tiny pitchers. It's funny how seeds from the same source can grow at such different rates! Here's the new pitcher, which had only been open for about 30 minutes. Close up. Regards, Ian.
  8. Ian_P

    My latest seeds.

    Update on the new seeds. Last night, looking through a magnifying glass I noticed that 2 tiny VFT Akai Ryu seedlings had germinated. :-) I'm really pleased because I had previously found 2 seeds that had gone mouldy, which surprised me as I sowed them onto pure sphagnum! Anyway, I took a couple of pics, Seedling 1 Seedling 2 Still no signs of life from the Drosera or Pings yet. Regards, Ian.
  9. Great idea, I use it on Twitter all the time to include friends in posts.
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    Phrag living fire

    Awesome. Well done.
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    Ian_P's Cephalotus

    My seed grown Cephalotus
  12. Ian_P

    Cephalotus ZS PMax

    From the album: Ian_P's Cephalotus

    My first attempt at stacking an image.

    © Ian Porter

  13. meizwang, Sorry, I didn't answer the question did I? They were sown on 8/12/2011 and if I remember correctly, they germinated around March/April of 2012. I kept the 3rd pot until this spring but there was no sign of life, so that got recycled. I did buy a pack of around 15 Cephalotus seeds from an eBay seller last November/December but not a single seed has germinated. I don't think I've had any good seeds from eBay yet, even the chilli seeds I bought were rubbish! Anyway, here's an update. I think the larger of the 2 seedlings may be forming its first adult pitcher judging from the little ridges on its sides. I won't know for sure until it opens its lid. Here are some pics I took this afternoon, of the 2 plants, with a 5 pence and 10 cent (Euro) for scale. Plant 1 showing the new pitcher, A close-up of the new pitcher, Plant 1&2 with coins, I'll post another picture when the pitcher opens and I know for sure if it's an adult one. Regards, Ian.
  14. This explains why my 2 vft's, which I bought last year from Homebase, are being really slow producing new growth after their winter dormancy. I've just taken a flower spike out of one plant to try and encourage some vegetative growth.
  15. I was recently looking at this website, http://www.dartfrog.co.uk/epiweb/ and having just read this thread, was wondering if this would perhaps be more suitable, as it includes a spray bar watering system (Integrated Irrigation System) which may help to keep the plants cooler on hot days. Really like the idea and the plant looks great in the photo's. Best regards, Ian.
  16. Hi everyone, The one plant has had a bit of a growth spurt recently, with both plants producing their first vegetative leaves.
  17. Hey Gaz, Picked up some Cornish gravel from Aldi, not sure of the weight but I think it's about 10 kilo, for £1.99. Crushed nice and small, Jesse, Nice to see you've got some buds forming after your setback. Regards, Ian.
  18. I saw these mini pruners in Wilkinsons for £3. I thought they'd be more accurate than the normal size pruners, so I bought a pair.
  19. Hi Gaz, I'll keep an eye open for chick grit, but when the p&p costs more than the product, that always puts me off buying on-line. I had a look on "A world of pinguicula" website earlier, looks like it hasn't been updated for a few years but an interesting site. Well, the seeds are sown, so now I'll play the waiting game. Regards, Ian.
  20. Ah, I see. Well I've just sown mine (couldn't wait another week) so fingers crossed. Had a right game getting the seeds off the damp tissue, they're so tiny! Regards, Ian.
  21. Hi jesse, The seeds have been in the fridge for a week now, so I'll give them another week and then sow them and see what happens. If they do germinate I'll post some pictures. Regards, Ian.
  22. Hi Gaz, Good to see that you use coir, I have been using a mix of rehydrated dry sphagnum moss, perlite and canna coco professional+ for most of my plants, so if I do get any seeds to germinate I'll try them out in it and see if they like it. I like the idea of top dressing them too, looks tidy. I am surprised to see lime in the mix, I've been using the dried sphagnum to try and add acidity, as the canna is pretty much neutral pH. I've just bookmarked World of Pinguicula, I'll have a look at it tomorrow. Thanks for replying, Best Regards, Ian.
  23. Nice flowers Gaz. I just put some P. grandiflora seeds into cold stratification. I was ordering some Drosera and VFT seeds and decided to have a go at growing some Pinguicula as well, just hope they germinate. What substrate mix do you use for yours? Looks like some sort of fine gravel. Best regards, Ian.