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  1. Sweet! Gaz, if you want to sell any offsets let me know.
  2. Sweet! Gaz, if you want to sell any offsets let me know.
  3. Absolutely stunning! The petals look almost like feathers, amazing flower. Pity we don't have smell 'O' vision!
  4. I might get my Dad one of those. At least then I can say, "He couldn't grow stink on a monkey, but he sure can grow it on a cactus!"
  5. Well, I think I've been bitten by the cactus bug as well as the cp bug. Just won an auction on eBay for H. Zebrina V. Magniflora. It looks like I'm going to need a bigger flat!
  6. I read somewhere on the internet that the smell of carrion is only detectable by flies. The human nose just isn't sensitive enough.
  7. Wow!! Can't wait to see that when it opens!
  8. Hi Gaz, It was the picture of your Huernia that you posted a while back that made me want to give them a go, as you say they do have very impressive flowers. I'll be posting more pics as it blooms. Regards, Ian.
  9. Hello everyone, I had this Huernia Zebrina division off Stephen, gardenofeden, about a month ago and after I potted it up, it soon started to put out a new growth point. But imagine how surprised I was last night when I was tucking my plants up for the night and saw this flower bud starting to appear. This is the new growth with the bud at the bottom, A view from the side, And a close up of the bud, Looking at the closeup image, it looks like there will be more than one flower growing. I was only thinking the other day about buying some cactus compost, but now I'm not sure if I should disturb it, as it's obviously happy (and so am I) and thriving. I'll post some more pictures as it progresses. Many thanks to Stephen for hooking me up with the plant division. Regards, Ian.
  10. Ian_P

    Cacti id?

    To be honest, I'm surprised it flowers as it generally gets neglected and only gets watered occasionally and I don't think it's ever had any fertilizer. It's been in that same pot for years! It's my Dad's plant and he couldn't grow stink on a monkey, so it must be a tough old plant! I'll have to treat it to a feed and see what happens. Ian.
  11. Ian_P

    Cacti id?

    Thanks Richard, just looked on google and it looks like you're right. The flowers in some of the images look the same too. I'll have to take some pics when it flowers and post them on here. Cheers for the help. Ian.
  12. I've repotted a young plant today which I'm giving to a friend of mine next week for his daughter, who was really impressed by some photos of my plants last year. It was nice to see new root growth, as well as the new traps forming. Regards, Ian.
  13. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me what type of cacti this is please, It's been in the conservatory at my parents house for 15 - 20 years now and flowers almost every year. I sat with tweezers the other day picking the seed heads out from between the spines and have sown a few just to see if they will grow and this got me wondering what type it is. Regards, Ian.
  14. Well, my 2 seedlings are now potted into individual 2 1/2 inch square pots. I noticed that the new "True" leaves are definately taking on the red colouration of the parent "Akai Ryu" plants. Here's a pic I took, I'll post some more pictures as they get bigger. Regards, Ian.
  15. Excellent, I'll make a couple of pots up tomorrow and transplant them. Thanks for the quick reply. Best regards, Ian.
  16. Yes, my bad, lowland types need high temp/humidity. Have a look here for a guide on cultivation, http://www.thecps.org.uk/page.php?id=7 I hope this is more helpfull. Best regards, Ian.
  17. Hi, It could be a temperature and humidity problem. N. Bicalcarata is a lowland species so needs a high daytime temperature with cooler night-time temperatures. They also need high humidity, so ideally should be kept in a terrarium. I'm sure some of the experienced lowland growers on here will be able to offer more advice. I only have a highland type myself, which is happy hanging in my kitchen. Hope this helps a little. Best regards, Ian.
  18. Hi all, Can anyone tell me the best time to start pricking out my VFT seedlings, as this is the first time I've grown any from seed and I'm a bit worried about disturbing them, by either doing it too soon or too late. At the moment they are just starting to unfurl their first true leaves and are still tiny. Would this be a good time to prick out and pot them on, or should I wait a while? Any advice would be appreciated. Best regards, Ian.
  19. Just a quick update. The pitcher continued to go black and shrivel up, so I removed it from the plant. Looking inside there was a dark mushy substance which filled about a third of the pitcher, but I couldn't see anything that looked like a snail shell, if anything it looked a little dry. On a good note, the rest of the plant is looking healthy and has another new pitcher forming. Regards, Ian.
  20. Ah, I get it. The way pitcher is lying means the ring isn't corresponding to the waterline. That's another reason it seems so odd. Even when I removed the moss layer, it didn't go vertical. So the fluid level would still have been at an angle.
  21. Not sure what you mean by move the pitcher? When I removed the carpet moss it did droop a little because the level of the soil dropped. But it didn't lose any fluid and I topped it back up to the original level with the crushed granite. That's what I thought originally, it reminded me of the way my Nepenthes pitchers die off. I did empty the water tray thinking it may be too wet, I normally wait for the tray to dry out before adding more water. I think I'll give it a while before I take drastic action. For now it seems to have stopped spreading and today the lid has actually started to open up again. It is probably just overfed as has been mentioned, but I'll keep an eye on it and update the thread with any new info. Thanks for all the replies guys. Best regards, Ian.
  22. Here's a pic I took with my phone this morning. You can see the lid has closed down quite a lot, I'm going to assume this means it's full! Regards, Ian.
  23. Hi Richard, I just tried wiped the pitcher and nothing came off, I did think of mildew but the rest of the pitchers are all ok. As for looking inside, this morning it has actually closed it's lid, so there's only a small gap around the rim now. I don't want to start poking around, in case I just make matters worse. Gaz, those spots on the sides have got a little larger this morning. I'll take some pics and post them later, haven't got time now, got a meeting to go to. Regards, Ian.
  24. Maybe something crawled in during the night that I didn't notice and made it sick. This looks different to yours WeXi. Your plants seem to have a dark patch, whereas this seems to be a perfect ring around the pitcher. Many thanks for the replies. Ian.
  25. It's got those spots in roughly the same place on both sides, it seems strange that the band has a perfectly defined straight line around the pitcher. Very odd. I'll keep an eye on it and see how it develops.