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  1. Hi all, just thought I'd post these pics of my S. Purpuria almost 1 year after I potted it up. This was how it looked early this year after potting up. and this is the same plant now, The new photo was taken after a frosty night and the plant still shows no signs of dying back yet, although growth does appear to have stopped, as the new pitchers have stopped opening. I will be potting it on into an even bigger pot in the spring, so looking forward to an even bigger plant in the coming year. Best regards, Ian.
  2. That's a really interesting flower. After a quick Google search, it looks like you are right about the species. Hope it continues to flower for you. Best regards, Ian.
  3. Hi Stefan, I would say it is way too humid in the terrarium for Cephalotus, at the moment I have mine in a terrarium with an open top and a 300w flourecent grow lamp above them. The only moisture is from the trays they are standing in and I don't get any condensating on the glass at all. These plants can suffer from mildew if they are kept too damp, so you may want to move them to a more well ventilated position. Hope this helps, Best regards, Ian.
  4. Thanks Fred, I did have them under my 300w red spectrum cfl with my Cephalotus, but I think it was a bit too warm under there, I read that pings prefer cooler temps. Hopefully next year I'll have my balcony back and I'll be able to put all of my plants outside. Cheers. Ian.
  5. Thanks Ada, that's pretty much what I was thinking. I sowed them straight away but obviously it was still warm enough to trigger them to grow. I could have taken them down my Dads and left them in the garden with my Sarras and VFT's. I'll just keep them damp for now, like you suggest, and just hope they get through this winter. Thanks for the reply. Ian.
  6. Hi all, I bought some P. Grandiflora gemmae about 2 months ago and most of them have taken root. This is the first time I've grown any butterworts and I'm a bit concerned about what I should do with them now, as they have started growing at this time of year and the weather is getting colder. At the moment I've got them on a windowsill, but if I put them outside while they are this small would they hibernate or just die, as I understand they usually form a hibernacula at this time of year, so would it be better to just over winter them indoors this year? Here's a pic, Any advice from the butterwort community would be appreciated. Regards, Ian.
  7. I popped round for a cup of tea yesterday and took this picture.
  8. I used to use one similar to this in my vivarium, measures temp and humidity, http://www.ebay.ie/itm/TERRARIUM-VIVARIUM-DIAL-THERMOMETER-HYGROMETER-REPTILE-SELF-ADHESIVE-/261112210476?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Reptiles_Spiders_Insects&hash=item3ccb80242c
  9. I'm surprised that my S. Purpuria is still producing new pitchers at this time of year in my Dads garden. I think I'll wait a while before I start pruning.
  10. Hutty, I agree on the over watering, but the point I was making is the fact that on the bag they say, added sand and grit for improved drainage, when there isn't any real difference between this stuff and regular compost. I think the lesson here is, if you want to grow specialist plants, make your own specialist growing medium.
  11. Thanks for the advice guys. Gaz, it is the Cornish granite from Aldi that I've got and I make sure it's thoroughly washed before I mix it with the compost. I pretty much went 50/50 granite/compost and my H. Zebrina, which is flowering again btw, is in 50/50 granite/Canna. I do think next time I need some compost, I will be using John Innes and making a mix of my own. As Richard pointed out, these "Specialist" composts are just a way to make a quick buck. Best regards, Ian.
  12. Has anyone else used Westland Cacti Compost? I recently bought a 10 litre bag from Homebase for £6.99 which is a good price compared to online suppliers, but although it says on the bag that it contains added sand and grit for optimum drainage, to me it just looks like ordinary compost. I've seen a few small stones here and there but it's not what I was expecting a cacti compost to look like. I have used it to pot a couple of plants up, but I've added some crushed granite to it to increase its drainage. Is there a better commercial cactus mix anyone can recommend, or should I just make my own in future? Best regards, Ian.
  13. And I thought Cephalotus needed patience!
  14. I've been using the same stuff from Aldi, but only for top dressing. Never considered using it as a growing medium.
  15. Well, the flower has closed its petals now, so it looks like the show's over for that one. Will have to wait for the second bud to develop. Can these plants self pollinate? I did get the paint brush in the flower but I don't know if it would have pollinated itself or if they have to be cross pollinated with another plant.
  16. HI all, Just a quick update, here's a couple of pics I took this evening, A wide shot of the whole plant And look what's hiding behind the flower, another bud! I wasn't sure how long the flower would last, but so far it's still going strong and there's no discernible smell either! Regards, Ian.
  17. Not unless you know exactly what substances and how much of them are dissolved in your water. I was really surprised at the apparent purity of the rainwater here in the West Midlands.
  18. Those figures are only quoting calcium /calcium carbonate content, which is different from the total dissolved solids (tds), which would include stuff like chlorine, flouride etc.
  19. I tested the local canal and it actually had a lower reading than my tap water. I would imagine that even though the tap water has a higher reading, the solids dissolved in it are going to be different from whatever is dissolved in the canal, (Dead fish, cats, faecal matter etc.) I certainly wouldn't try drinking it! I found tap water to be reading 289, while rainwater was 007 and the de-ionised water I bought was 002. I measured the water in my trays recently and the one which showed a high reading was my S. Psittacina, which has some cheap peat in the mix, reading over 400. It would be interesting to see what sort of reading an actual peat bog would give, I would imagine that the acids (tannins?) in the peat would cause the tds reading to go up. Regards, Ian.
  20. I use the same one, but without the temperature function.
  21. My local Sainsburys store are selling 2½ litres of deionised water for 99p at the moment, may be worth checking your local store.
  22. Ok, so I've been busy moving to my temporary flat for some re-mod work to be done on my own flat, but yesterday I had a look at the plants, before going for dinner at my parents, and found this, This morning it was looking even better, I'm really happy that the move hasn't upset the plant, as I'm not able to set up my grow light and reflector, so all my plants are sat on a table close to an east facing window for the time being. Hope you all like the photo's. Best regards, Ian.
  23. Here's some pics of the bud I took this morning, shouldn't be long now by the look of it.
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