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  1. Getting some TLC from a bee.
  2. My Dads Mammillaria is flowering again. It seems to like the heat in the conservatory.
  3. I used Provado Ultimate Bug killer (from Bayer) on one of my cacti and it did the trick. I've also used it on my cp's for greenfly and aphids with no ill effects. Don't know how far above sea level I am though!
  4. Well, I re-potted my S. Purpurea a few days ago. Let's see how much growth we get this year. Hopefully we'll get some flowers too.
  5. Ah, I see. I'll give them a miss anyway and just stick to my CFL for now. Just have to wait for Wistuba to start shipping again.
  6. Fair play to my local pet shop. I popped in today for a mouse for the snake and asked if he could get wingless fruit flies. The guy put them on next weeks order. Fair play to him!
  7. Ah, thanks for that. Nice looking plant. So they should be fine under my CFL in that case. Not sure what you mean by legally available, didn't realize there were illegal ones. Regards, Ian.
  8. Carl, does the 35w Halide need any control gear, ballast etc? I've been looking at a 70w and 150w MH set up, but they need ballasts. I'm thinking of getting a Heliamphora you see and I'm thinking MH would give more intensity than my CFL, I've read that Helis like plenty of light. Cheers, Ian.
  9. I'm no expert, just a hobbyist, but I can tell you that some of the growing media you you are thinking of using (especially the horse manure) is nutrient rich, which CP's will not tolerate. You need to be looking at stuff like Sphagnum moss peat or, as an alternative to peat, one of the many coco fibre products that are available. As for the actual construction, I'm sure there are many experienced people on here that will answer those questions for you. Best regards, Ian.
  10. Pongo this morning with ice in the pitchers.
  11. I have indeed. It's a mix of Canna coco professional, dried sphagnum and perlite in equal parts. This is the stuff I use, The one is top dressed with Pure Canna and the other with crushed granite, both seem to keep the moss down, there's just a tiny bit now and then in each pot. I have to say, I'm not keen on the look of the granite, so may swap that for Canna as well.
  12. Hi all, My seed grown Cephalotus are now in their second winter and are colouring up nicely in their temporary terrarium. The plants in the terrarium, Plant 1 in natural light, and plant 2 in natural light, The colours in the picture of plant 2 look a bit washed out, may have been the angle I took it at, it is actually darker than plant 1 in reality. Hope you like them. Best regards, Ian.
  13. Well as far as names go, I generally just call mine "Pongo" due to the smell it gave off after a small slug fell in a pitcher last year.
  14. Hi Fred, I have actually stood the pot on a box to get it closer to the lamp, it looks bright if you look at the LED's but didn't seem to illuminate the pot very well when I put the tray under it. Maybe it's just because of the colour. I'll see how they go and lower them back down if they seem to be growing too vigorously. It also runs a lot cooler than my 300W CFL, so I'm happy about that and hopefully the Pings will be too. Cheers, Ian.
  15. Wow! I only posted the pictures to show how the plant had come on in less than 12 months, but I'm glad I gave you all something else to argue about. But, on the name issue, Dave, you originally stated this isn't a S. Purpurea and then go on to say... "One of the main differences that folks in the UK should be able to notice very easily is all forms of S. purpurea are evergreen and it is the most hardy of all Sarracenia. On the other hand, S. rosea is not evergreen and is one of the least hardy of all Sarracenia." I did make the point that this plant had just seen a night of frost and is showing no sign of dying back, so if this is evergreen it's a Purpurea? Confused, Ian.
  16. Thanks for the PM about the LED Fred. I ordered one and it arrived from China on Friday and I installed it over my gemmae at the weekend. http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/uploads/gallery_6857_766_19797.jpg I did lose a few but most are still alive, hope this does the trick until the spring. Regards, Ian.
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    Lighting pictures.
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    LED Grow lamp

    From the album: Lighting

    15Watt LED Grow Light installed over Butterwort Gemmae.

    © Ian_P

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    Trusmadiensis Tower

    Very interesting piece of art.
  20. Congratulations Snowwy, I've not had any luck with Sarracenia seeds so far. Ian.
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    hi from bristol

    Hello Paul and welcome. I'm sure you'll find lots of answers on here. Enjoy the hobby. Ian.
  22. Hi Dave, To be honest, I'm not sure exactly what sub species of Purpuria it is. The guy I bought it from isn't exactly accurate with his descriptions, he sold me a S. Scarlett Belle which turned out to be a bog standard (no pun intended) S. Psittacina. Looking at pictures on Google isn't much help either, there seem to be lots of variations, all supposedly S. Rosea. Regards, Ian.