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  1. So, after 5 years of construction work, the scaffold has finally come down and I have access to my balcony again.


    This will be my Cephs first proper winter dormancy, they usually just sit on a cool window sill, but even then the temps don't go much below 15°C.


    Plant #1



    Plant #2



    Plant #1 again



    Plant #1 & #2 showing the difference in size



    If it gets really cold this winter, I will bring them indoors, but want to leave them out as much as possible. Hopefully I'll get some flowers next summer, I've not had any yet and I've had the plants since I sowed the seeds in 2011.






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  2. I finally managed to get some pictures of the flower.


    This is taken with my digital camera, but is a bit over exposed,



    This one's taken with my phone camera and although not as close up, looks better in my opinion,



    And another one from my phone, with my finger in there for scale, :laugh1:



    Hope you like them.



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  3. Thanks Corky,


    The cephs were the plants that got me started growing cp's. Bought a packet of seeds and it went on from there. :give_heart:


    I only put the Platypodas out for a few hours, so they get some natural light and a bit of fresh air. There are actually 2 shoots coming up in the pot that looks empty, which was a nice surprise.


    Once I get my camera to download (having some battery problems) I'll post the picture of the open flower, sounds daft but it really made me happy to see it flowering.





  4. Well, I'm happy to say that my D. Platypoda have survived their first dormancy period in my care.


    One came up a couple of weeks before the other, same as last year, but they are both alive and growing.


    I took a photo of the first one to wake up, which has now developed a flower bud as well.



    I will post more images when the second plant (in the pot in the background) has put a bit of growth on and when/if the flower opens.


    Best regards,



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  5. I use it all the time, usually mixed with dried sphagnum and perlite and have not had any problems.


    Currently I have Cephalotus Follicularis, (grown from seed in Canna), Sarracenia purpurea and S. Psittacina, various VFT's, Pinguicula Grandiflora, Drosera Platypoda (Tuberous), Heliamphora Heterodoxa x Minor (only purchased this summer) and a Nepenthes Ventrata.


    They all seem to do really well growing in a Canna mix.





  6. My S. Purpurea has been doing well again this year, but over the last couple of months I've noticed that the new pitchers it's producing are deformed.


    Last year, I did have a slight problem with tiny caterpillars that were folding the tops of the pitchers over and binding them with silk, but there's no sign of these this year.


    I have also checked for other pests and sprayed with my usual fungicide/pesticide earlier in the season, as a preventative measure.


    The only thing I can think of is either a root pest, or some sort of genetic abnormality which is now showing itself as the plant matures (It's coming up to 3 years old now).


    I took this photo yesterday,



    If anyone has experienced this or knows what's causing it and any possible treatments, your advice would be appreciated.


    Best regards,



  7. Finally! One of my D. Platypoda has woken up and made an appearance.


    This is my first time trying to grow tuberous drosera and it's been an anxious time over the past few months, wondering if I've got the conditions right and am I over/under watering.


    Then this morning I saw this in one of my pots. :dance4:






    I am really happy that they have started to wake up (and relieved I haven't killed them) and I'll post more pictures as they get bigger.





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  8. Hi guys, thought I'd give an update on the plants progress.


    The tip problem dried up and hasn't spread and the plant has started putting out some new growth and I seem to have a flower bud forming as well.


    Not counting my chickens just yet, but Corky, it looks like I'm in the lead. Lol. :dance4:


    Here's a couple of photos I just took this morning.





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  9. The latest addition to my Cacti/Succulent collection, Stapelia Hirsuta, arrived today.


    It was bare rooted and I potted it up into a 4" terracotta pot, in a mix of cacti compost/canna coco plus and crushed granite.


    Looking forward to seeing it in bloom next season.





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  10. Hi all,


    My N. Ventrata has finally started to form some new pitchers for the first time in about 2 years. The flats been undergoing some major modernization work, so the whole block has been covered in scaffolding and netting, plus the new windows have had plastic film covering them. So I think the main problem has been the lack of light.


    Now the netting has been removed, the new pitchers have started to form, but the first adult pitcher has formed without a lid for some reason.


    The new juvenile pitchers, which are coming from some new growth points seem to be forming ok.


    Here are some pictures I took with my phones camera.


    Adult pitcher, without lid.



    Juvenile pitchers.