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  1. I was having a look to see where Svalbard Island was and found this interesting page. http://samadhisoft.com/2008/01/18/obscure-information-anyone-the-treaty-of-svalbard/
  2. Medusa maybe, I think it is another name for chimera.
  3. Same here Stephen, this plant definately needs certain conditions as all ours are very weedy this year. Natale, I first got a division of this plant many many years ago from a grower local to me who got it from a guy who used it to keep flies off his tomatoes or something. It was some years before I discovered that it was capable of producing such wonderful pitchers. All we will ever know for sure is that it is S. leucophylla with possibly something else in the mix. Bocaza is derived from a form of Spanish to mean Wide Mouth or Big Mouth and my Brother who for many years has lived in Spain suggests it would be pronounced as Bocatha. Thanks for posting Natale. Maybe I should send all of mine to you to bring them on lol.
  4. We are between Neath and Glyn-Neath, a place called resolven ironically in the vale of Neath nearer to Swansea than any other real place. I just looked up Churchstoke and see you are not far from mike's but about 2.5 hours drive away from us, shame. (if you wanted to get away from the pesky relatives for a day we are home tomorrow) lols
  5. We happen to live in Wales, where are you staying ?
  6. frank would have you know it is a particular strain or the like but for what it is worth i have one spare and I can confirm it is a red vft.
  7. Yuri. I think there is a good chance you have goldie and you have been unlucky with conditions. I must ask if you got the plant during its dormancy or was it in full growth and did it look yellow at all. Paul currently has a small stock and holding back to build up numbers so he can produce more divisions, in all fairness to him he has been selling potfulls for very fair money and has not learned to say no. If Paul did send you a plant in dormancy and you do not have goldie then I could see how a mistake could have been made but all of the plants at Pauls nursery are 100% goldie. You may be on to something with night time temperature drops though as I think it plays a part in anthocyanin production that is responsible for the colours red, yellow and blue I do believe.
  8. Just remind us next time you are here as we have the basic model P Touch label printer spare but you will have to get a label cartridge in the flavour you want (there are a few options).
  9. Thanks to Les and Anne for a good day and thanks for the plants. Nice to see all the guys and meeting a couple of other growers. Sorry we had to bail early but wayward teenagers will be self centred so and so's at times. See you all soon. Ian and Dianne (grumpy no pings for sale)
  10. Adtrader might be of help and Freecycle. If not maybe try salvage places and the last resort is glaziers, you will get horticultural glass but at a price.
  11. That must have been a slow motion release.
  12. Has he been munching on early marsh orchids? You gonna keep him?
  13. Most of us tend to sow seeds around January or February and find that a frost or two help for a high germination rate, if none of yours germinate this year you will likely see them come up next spring so do not throw away yet. So in short germination can take weeks to 12 months.
  14. Some of our leucophylla are not even making trap leaves just odd phylodia. S. minor are not up to size and man plants are smaller than last year. With us too flowers are distorted in large numbers, not much we can do with cranky weather it just seems to be a long way off to get a fresh start next spring.
  15. It all looks very interesting and I can't wait for the updates.
  16. Sorry we couldn't make it guys, it is one weekend regrettably missed we simply couldn't afford it this time around. Hope to make it for the full weekend next time. Ian and Dianne.
  17. they could be but then who would bid for example on one S. flava or a green washed out S. x moorei let alone a group of undesired plants?
  18. Firstly let me say I love all the plants and wish I had room to keep them all, culling them was never a nice thought so we set up the free plants for postage as a way of making desperately needed space for the plants that I love a little more. The other reality is that the plants we sell by other means do make us vital money and the choice hybrids we are developing need priority to bring them on. Packing free plants was a huge work load and nothing much in it apart from a feeling of goodwill/ great feedback and a little space and in all fairness a nice donation (the best part I think. It is a horrible thought but some things may still have to be culled because if they go outside they often look terrible and then all I keep seeing is pots we need to use. There was also the nagging feeling that the giveaway was impeding others sales on here and I'm sure that must have been the case. I think if we do give plants away again they will be nice clones in excess to make room for the fantastic plants. when you have so many plants something has to give, we have over 5000 plants ( more than when we started to give away plants) Any idea how many you have John??
  19. You are more than welcome anytime Stu it was good to meet you all. You will have to persuade Steve to bring you to our next one in July when everything should be up and looking brilliant. I still can't remember how we ended up with two open days a month apart but we have one or two people booked already. Cheers. Ian.
  20. Hi Richard. We did used to have a function for downloading any current newsletter I think for that year on the old website. There will be more features planned but seeing as the past journal and newsletters has been replaced with two Planta Carnivora per year and without doubt the best publication the Carnivorous Plant Society has ever published. However for the years 1978 - 2003 we have on offer a Silver jubilee CD with all newsletters covering those years. You can get these here for £5.90. http://www.thecps.org.uk/products.php Ian Salter The Carnivorous Plant Society Promotions Officer.