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  1. You know when you are too late to bed when you start missing your spacebar.
  2. What???you manage to come all the way from Switzerland to Scotland and go right past all the lovely collections of CP,s. You should have landed in corwall and zig zagged your way up Britain to reallytake in all the sights. Big lols.
  3. To reinforce the above comments. Get them out of that mix and crop off all dead material. Make a fresh media with either just peat or mixed with perlite but forget sand (no need) and do not compact the new media too much. Lighten up on the watering and of course do not over water. Shamrock is a good quality product usually. I use a good quality 'Evergreen' peat and I have actually reverted to plain or mostly peat with good results but it will depend on conditions. You will hopefully recover your plants. Except for that last one. Good luck.
  4. Only just added some details here for our open day so please follow link for details. http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=53110 Ian and Dianne.
  5. Hi all. Open day Sunday 08/06/2014. 10am onwards. This is a late reminder that we are holding our annual open day. we currently grow over 5000 carnivorous plants housed in two greenhouses a poly-tunnel and the all new Pinguicula house. We grow Sarracenia, Drosera, temperate and Mexican pinguicula, Darlingtonia, Utricularia and around 1000 Dionaea muscipula. Many of our Sarracenia are unique collected and seed grown clones. Food and refreshments will be made available on the day. All are welcome but please contact us via message first for directions. If you have spare plants then please bring them along to sell or swap. Mike will be down in the afternoon with friends but if anyone would like to head down here after Mike's open day on the Saturday afternoon/evening then please get in touch and we will see what we can arrange' I know at least one person who is willing to help pay fuel costs. Ian and Dianne. For speed and ease please use this link for photo's https://www.facebook.com/ian.salter.10/media_set?set=a.10152875419523976.1073741827.839613975&type=1&comment_id=10152875789518976&offset=0&total_comments=10&notif_t=photo_album_comment
  6. I would need to hire a van for 2 days and that would cost around £180 and about £50 fuel. that is a lot of effort just to pay for a visit. Besides Mike would have a heart attack if I brought more plants than I already do. It will give him a break anyhow. I know you said you are heading here Sunday afternoon Mike but not sure if you will have room for anyone else, if so fill your car ;) Ian.
  7. As much as I have the determination not to miss this one open day I have to face facts that it is looking unlikely that our van will be repaired and through an mot before Saturday. I was due to have more welding done today but the weather has ruined that chance, I have a new exhaust to fit, a driveshaft bearing replaced and I have to replace 2 track rod ends as well as a new tyre and then I have to book it in for the mot. We will of course be continuing with our open day on the Sunday(details soon) Ian.
  8. Welcome Andrew. What area are you from?
  9. Very nicely grown Manders. love the first and fourth ones.
  10. I couldn't agree more. I try to grow all the plants on for as long as possible regarding hybrids as for forms you can get an idea much earlier for example if you want a flava that is all red then you can tell early on that all the green ones are not what you are after. Eventual overall shape can be a tough one as plants will change up to maturity and sometimes after. Eventual size is the long haul one as you have to wait many years and then you may have to wait for the "right" conditions to see it at its best. As Stephen said vigour is no indication of a giant and the runt of the litter can catch up and excel. Persistence and determination with endless grow space and a long life is ideal.
  11. I did not think for a minute the location would be a real one but I had missed the others being different. The name is likely to be a red herring too. Would Ebay even be interested or the police for that matter?
  12. We are discussing it on FB right now lol. He has added more top plants now. Plants are old established crowns (spare plants?) As above no feedback. Nobody knows who this great collector is. All main pics are robbed from Cedric Azais, Yuri Sarzi and others. I was suspicious but when I saw the other rare plants come up well it is getting to look like a clear case of fraud. I am not sure if this can be stopped other than getting the word out there pronto.
  13. You are right Alexis and if for example you self an S. flava var flava you may well get all similar offspring but then others may produce more variability and occasionally the odd freak or strange colour. I have collected seed from a few open pollinated plants one namely S. flava var flava,Dinwiddie Bog, not knowing if this was crossed or selfed I have regardless grown the seedlings on and although a majority have the characteristic shape there are a few that are all green as in var maxima but it is early yet for final colour. Ian.
  14. I'm sorry but have to disagree. Selfed plants can produce interesting results and display recessive traits like anthocyanin free plants. For example MK-PP6 S. purpurea ssp purpurea is actually heterozygous, I discovered this after the plant was selfed with the seedlings being a percent of anthocyanin free plants. In the wild many populations will be proportunately hybrids either directly or distantly apart from remote populations of single genera as far as I know. Natural selection will always favour diversity and yes you can get weaker offspring but it is still nice to see what is in there. I think every apparent variety, form or subspecies should be selfed the one time just for the hell of it and because you just never know. Just my non academic opinion. What are your thoughts guys? Ian.
  15. As above the frame sounds the ticket and no fumes involved unless you have a petrol powered drill (why did they never make those in between corded and battery??). Anyway just a thought that if you fix to the frame before hand make sure you have plenty of slack in the liner or it is liable to drag the liner down and maybe tear the fixings. I was going to suggest filling it first then tacking it but you would get rather wet as you would have to get in the tank? Regarding your thoughts on ph levelling the lime will probably come out of the concrete more and more in wet conditions. Ian.
  16. I must admit I did not consider water contamination although would not foresee a problem after a full cure but best to be safe. Pond liner is another option?
  17. Seal it or line it definitely. Maybe that grey gutter paint with the fibre glass or fibre glass and resin. Ian.
  18. Yes it is perfectly viable for a month in the fridge. In fact I am doing the same right now since I last did it far too many years ago. I was lazy though and just pulled back a side petal and twisted the flower and tapped while holding a zippy bag under it.