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  1. I am liking this one too, very good.
  2. S. minor looking at the base of the pitchers but the phyllodia??
  3. So what was wrong with this old name to feel the need to change it? along with many others?
  4. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Carnivorous-Plant-Society/239177632798955 :)
  5. Again the seedbank relies on seed donations and if there is poor viability then maybe it is down to members sending in old seed. The website members area is a workaround at the moment and I am sure there will be advances as and when it is affordable.
  6. Hi all. The Carnivorous plant Society is constantly in a difficult position Being unable to offer more incentives to join due to lack of funds from lack of members. I feel it is the decline in members that has weakened the Society over the years and agree that the internet has a great deal to play in the current situation with open days. Regarding late publications these rely heavily on other people at different stages to get this complete and things seldom go to plan but it is never usually the Committee that is behind. The same regarding event dates, here again there is chasing people to either agree to dates and times or simply just getting hold of them in the first place but yes occasionally there are human errors that are easily missed etc..they are only human after all. There is always constant email conversations and meeting discussing everything and more above and even family membership has been discussed a lot. The main group of the Committee put in massive amounts of effort with only the interest in keeping and improving The Carnivorous Plant Society for the benefit of the members and they have a massive amount of enthusiasm (much more than I can manage) even with all the negative bashing they take. They also do all this at their own great expense and with no perks that I can see so "paying" a membership (donation) is less about what you can get from it and more about doing the right thing in helping conservation and strengthening a foundation Society that brought us all to where we are here and now. Regards. Ian
  7. Welshy (Tony) was a local until he moved and now he is a foreigner in a far away land. Poor guy only came to collect some spare pots and then he saw our collection. He soon got hooked when we sent him off with a few free plants (like a drugs pusher getting someone hooked) he then went straight from a general grower to a dedicated Nep grower. You do take a chance but the percentage is very small and most growers are good guys, scratch that all of them I have met are good guys.
  8. I am familiar with some of these plants and can say you will not get a lot of these cheaper.
  9. I'm not sure being strapped to a man going down fast is everyones cup of tea.
  10. I think Alexis may be suggesting that the parent plants have a latent hybrid nature that is coming out in the offspring. Ian.
  11. And putting sustainability to one side the increased loss of rainforest.
  12. Or move to Wales where we have plenty of tapwater :)
  13. Well that is a different take on things, it looks like its had his teeth smashed in lol.
  14. D. slackii I always found to be a pain in the arse yet some people grow them without a care in the world. D. filiformis is prone top rot in winter if kept too wet and I find if a plant is looking suspect I clean away some of the winter fluff and fold away any moss around it so the dormant bulb is not making so much contact and wicking up water. A top dressing of sand or fine grit helps. Ian.
  15. Mine have not been re-potted but the plants here are very leggy.
  16. That is some serious roof stretching James, good job and good idea. Do you have to keep the snow off it or is it too tough for a little bit of the white stuff?
  17. You just missed our open day a week ago you would have enjoyed it. If you would like to drop by some time then just send me a message. Ian.
  18. Welcome Deano. Another from South Wales, brilliant. You've come to the right place here. Ian.
  19. also, need a few mexican pings for a school project, anyone got any spares please bring, species unimportant. Dianne Said what do you need, Send a message and we'll post some stuff through to you.
  20. All our plants are sulphur yellow and almost bleaching to white but interestingly paul Gardner brought down a small 'Goldie' division that was markedly greener than ours but with the some morphology and pattern of light veining after a week or so it has been going yellower and a new pitcher is more sulphur yellow at the tip. I know Paul grows his plants at the end of a poly-tunnel nearer to trees so maybe he has not had as much sun as usual. I grow mine in a poly-tunnel in good light with an equal mix of sunny days to overcast or wet. I have had a thought that may lead us in an interesting direction. Could the differences be because of wavelength of light either due to atmospheres or due to growing under glass compared to polythene or say polycarbonate. I have never grown these under glass but I am about to do just that to see if there is any change. It may be helpful if now or in the future everybody states the typical growing conditions of the plants stating the type of grow space you use and the yellowness of your plants. Ian.
  21. I don't think any retro fit propulsion to something shaped like a house brick will fare well against a high tech pointy thing with two wheels and an engine that wasn't developed for a tractor. But I would still happily give it a go and I could always flatten him :)