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  1. Unfortunately not from The UK and I am not even sure if it has made it across the water yet.
  2. Here you go Matt. I hope these work out.
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    Goldie 5

    From the album: Goldie images

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    Goldie 4

    From the album: Goldie images

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    Goldie 3

    From the album: Goldie images

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    Goldie 2

    From the album: Goldie images

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    Goldie 1

    From the album: Goldie images

  8. Down here we seem to have a serious lack of insects, at one point there were quite a few flies and then barely anything now, could the cold snap we had not too long ago kill them off or something?
  9. I really do think all the goldie are the same clone as they are showing veining for the first time in years and all of mine came from the same place. The division you had off me has veined up for you the small piece of rhizome I retained are very goldie with no veins yet. I will get some pics tomorrow of all of them.
  10. After all is said and done I have noticed today that two of my larger older plants have indeed veined up for the first time.
  11. Also sign in to your local water authority where you can get water quality readings, they will be helpful to determine how detrimental the water could be.
  12. Stick it in a one litre so you don't have to keep re-potting it.
  13. it is odd to see the veining as the little piece I kept with two small plants on are pure yellow and the rest of the plants are pale yellow and often they can almost bleach white. I was starting to figure it only veined up with Italian sun or something. I am glad it has sorted itself out.
  14. Best to wait for flowers. Ian.
  15. I have left U. reniformis in the greenhouse every year since I had it in many sized pots and last year a load of 7cm pots. I have grown this plant maybe 10 years, I am not saying I have not lost the odd pot but really not many over all the years even when we had those really bad two winters. Top growth always dies back and they always returns with new leaves and three times now, flowers.
  16. You would have to jet wash you plants to be sure of no return but it causes no harm but annoying when you want a different Utricularia in a pot.
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    When I first heard it could cause silicoses (many years after breathing the dust) I have still failed to see warnings on the bags.
  18. Even if I had the space and even if it was free I couldn't afford the fuel for the many trips lol.