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  1. Too much saturation and lack of air flow combined with heat will stew and rot plants quicker than they can grow.

    Too much perlite means less water retention so the watering is more frequent.

    Taller pots work well as there is a ready supply of water at the roots but the crown is higher up and drier so less chance of stagnation and rotting.

    If you chose to stop using sand or perlite completely then you will find that when the tray dries up the pots will retain just enough moisture without suddenly going dry.

    Pot your plants quite loose, compaction means saturation.

    And finally, if the roots rot the plant will turn into one big cutting budding everywhere.



  2. Sorry but it looks done for, the best you can do now is empty it out and see if there is any good material in there. more than half of mine did this recently.

    (sorry wrote this when I saw your last photo then realised I missed a load of posts)

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  3. I would lean towards heat stress, I have lost a load recently (including clone 1 Stuart and they had the biggest pitchers) since the heat went up there has been problems here. from what I have learned when there are signs of decline above there is already trouble below.

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  4. I grow all of mine in Tom pots also known as Rose pots, The idea is to plant the rhizome about half way down  and either fill in with media or Sphagnum moss.

    The good thing about Sphagnum moss is in Spring new growth is not hampered by a bound up layer of typical moss (or you can remove the thick mat of moss and top up with loose media.


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  5. I have built  8 greenhouses all by digging a trench all around as Welshy says and lay in cement or concrete in about an inch or two as level as is reasonable.

    After it has cured a single course of bricks or blocks can be laid to match the base of your greenhouse, this will raise the greenhouse and give you something to screw directly into and the base layer will help against settling on disturbed ground.

    Might I add that whatever ground you dig compacts back down over time that is why your ground has sunk.


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