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  1. Thought some my enjoy seeing this:
  2. elgecko

    Venus Flytrap Eating Videos

    Glad everyone liked it. It was actually a mealworm that I raise for my Leopard Geckos, not a maggot.
  3. elgecko

    Venus Flytrap Eating Videos

    Made a video today of some VFT's having a meal. I was going to remove the sound and add music but I noticed on VFT#3 especially & #5 makes a sound when the trap closed. I thought it was interesting to hear. The last VFT#5 is a 5 minute sequence cut down to 2 second clips every 20 seconds showing the trap sealing itself for digestion of the insect. Hope you like it.
  4. elgecko

    Sarracenia oreophila Laws

    I know that Sarracenia oreophila has laws that it can not be sold across state lines. It can be gifted across state lines as long as no money even for postage is exchanged. I'm guessing, I hope someone can help clarify this for me, I could place on my website; spend X$ and receive a free bonus gift of a Sarracenia oreophila? Or, I sometime sell plants on ebay and have the listing state "plant x + Bonus". In the description say they will receive a free bonus Sarracenia oreophila plant, or just leave it as a free Sarracenia plant not listing the actual species? I re-potted my main plant, and have a lot of left over divisions. I hate to just throw the plant away, but I'm not going to spend shipping to ship them out to people. Any input much appreciated.
  5. The main experiment I'm posting here is a D. capensis grown in 100% lava rock. Has been in this soil mix about 5 weeks now. The second is a Heli I got in trade back in the beginning of 08. This is my experimental windowsill Heli, grown on a south windowsill. Needs re-potted in a bigger pot and maybe a division or 2 taken from it.
  6. S. 'Adrain Slack'..... For a plant that looks good all season long I would have to go with S. purpurea.
  7. elgecko

    How can I see the traps?

    Not sure where to purchase any. You can try this: http://mysite.verizon.net/elgecko1989/Genlisea.html I've done it for Utrics also: http://mysite.verizon.net/elgecko1989/Utricularia.html
  8. elgecko

    Drosera hilaris

    Very nice. That is one I want to add to my collection.
  9. elgecko

    Kew Gardens 1: public area

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing.
  10. elgecko

    Feeding Frenzy - Macro Pics

    The one right above the last one is really cool, but I believe that the last one is my favorite also. I dump some flies out from my cultures and place them into a container that gets placed in the freezer for 10 or more minutes. All my flies are dead when I feed them. If you do not keep them in the freezer long enough, they will start moving around again once they heat back up. I take no chances and make sure the flies are dead. I do not need another reason for the wife to get mad at me. LOL
  11. elgecko

    N. x Dyeriana

    Glad you found the site informative.
  12. elgecko

    Feeding Frenzy - Macro Pics

    I do raise both Drosophilia melanogaster and Drosophilia hydei. Both are thankfully contained in the jars. The wife may get upset if they where just running amuck. LOL Drosophilia hydei is about 3 times as large as Drosophilia melanogaster. The ones in the pictures are Drosophilia hydei. I have used the Drosophilia melanogaster on seedlings.
  13. elgecko

    Feeding Frenzy - Macro Pics

    Thanks for the comment on the pics Rich. I also have used fish pellets with good results as well. Looks like I get even better results with the fruitflies.
  14. elgecko

    N. x Dyeriana

    A friend of mine gave me one 2 years ago. I grow it in a south facing windowsill. I have it in a 14" coco lined hanging basket with equal parts LFS, perlite, peat moss. Grows great for me. Love the large colorful pitchers it produces.