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  1. A female N. Campotiana X ? that I recently received is in flower and will be needing pollen when it opens in the next few weeks. This should give time for pollen to arrive. Im open to any offers but I think this cross would make a neat combination with highland Nepenthes and hybrids. I think veitchii and lowii genes would make a spectacular cross with this female ;). 50/50 seed split :) Below is a picture of a new and an old pitcher. Theres no fully developed pitchers on the plant as of now, but to get an understanding the pitchers are basically red and spotted in color. (for those that
  2. Bump... just wanted to let y'all know that the same batch of villosa seeds I got ( from ebay... same as yours) are now swelling in TC. No signs of green yet, but hopefully there will be more to show of it ;). Good luck with yours! - Lance
  3. Well, the "villosa" seeds arrived today in 6 packets... a few were smashed for being in a regular mail envelope , but suprisingly most of them survived. He exxagerated on the amount of say there were about 90 in total. Some of the seeds have been shipped off to a expert villosa TCer, some have been shipped off to a private TC lab, and some are staying with me.
  4. idk it was one of those mountains..
  5. Ok, the bottom flower pods look like they grew overnight! If im lucky the flowers will slowly open from bottom to top so I might be able to get your pollen in up top. The first bottom flowers should open in a week and I would say in about 2 1/2 weeks till the top flowers start to open.
  6. Wow if you can get the pollen that would be great! Do you think you could be able to get it to the US in time?
  7. Turns out that one of my christmas presents arrived a little too early...My new Female thorelli X campunalata was supposed to arrive at christmas, but a mistake was made. Boy, to look back at it now I should have ordered earlier! :-O Anyway, today Ive been having some horrible neck pains that I can't even decsribe, but I hoped that they would pay off...and they did!! I found a female Thorelli X Campunalata at home that has a flower stalk on it!! (it has about 25 pods) Now, I desperatly need some pollen asap before this thing flowers (50/50 seed split from pollen). Anyone got some interes
  8. lance

    Hybrid Nep List

    Nvm reread guidelines
  9. yep. I got a message from one of my CP friends who said that he messaged him and heard that the seeds where harvested from Trusmadie...which means that he lied to me when I asked about the seeds!
  10. Hello Sad to say I was ripped off on the same deal as well. Either he was reported to ebay (I know of some that were reporting him) or removed his account so he couldn't be tracked down, villosa seeds or not. If there happen to be seeds I really hope to hell that they weren't collected as well. I got confirmed shipment on the 5th, so well see what happens.