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  1. I can't comment on the preparation method but I have also marvelled at the size of Drosera seeds. I even think with D. macrantha a lot of the seed looks like papery wings with nothing of substance in them. I wish you the best of luck.
  2. Well done and 13 days sounds so fast. I have given sarracenia a go but twice I was stopped by mould killing them. Look forward to seeing them grow.
  3. No don't worry this isn't a 'my plant has no dew' question. Is the dew of a Drosera purely exuded from the plant? I've been thinking about this for some time and in my hunting I have yet to find a definitive answer. I know some of the composition of the dew and it is mostly water and the plant has a ready supply of that. Is it all from the glands of the plant or is the dew hygroscopic? I know there are many polysaccharides that are hydroscopic and the dew does contain them but there is a cocktail of other things in there so I'm not sure how that would affect water uptake from the air. Any ideas?
  4. Great image of a Platerodrilus, such a primal looking beasty.
  5. Looks like you could be on to something. I hit some with some orchid feed and the 'very early' signs look promising. Looks like the myriad of bugs they were eating where lacking in something. I'm thinking it could be a potassium deficiency.
  6. Aww lol. I know it's a bit of a fire and forget plant but I still have a soft spot for the little guys. I'll see if some peat will perk them up but they did have a steady supply of fruit flies before this odd growth.
  7. Sorry photobucket being a pain, I have used peat mix in the past but like to grow my own media now.
  8. I'm using rain water and gave them a good washing about a two months ago to flush out any build up of anything nasty. Some are growing in live sphagnum others in chopped dead sphagnum. My first thought was some sort of mineral build up or such but I even changed the sphagnum for a clean start and no joy.
  9. I haven't yet tried to up the humidity but I'll give it a go and see if it helps, not like it can relay get any worse lol. Some in pots on their own, some in pots on 3 and only one will have it or all 3. I'd say out of about 20 plants in the same place 18 have this the other look fine.
  10. Like the prodigal son I return the the place it all started to throw myself on the wisdom of my betters. My D. capensis are looking very sorry for themselves, I have tried flushing the media through with clean water, I have changed the media, I have moved some to other brighter locations but no matter what I do all new growth comes up looking... odd (see images) even in the growth stage you can see it is going to come up odd and then I get this pointed formation that browns and dies back. I have in the same pots a few that are not showing this odd formation. I let them grow for a bit as I know they can do strange things but all new growth for about 5 months has been like this. So does anyone know the reason behind this.
  11. A little question, as you can see from the image below my little Dionaea has his first open trap and is eagerly awaiting something to blunder in. Should I feed this first leaf or just wait it out. I don't want my little snapper to go hungry but I also don't want to kill it with kindness.
  12. I love the colours on Pluto great plants, hope mine do as well.
  13. Well it looks like the gods smile on me as my little snappers made it, I lost five of thirty so far but this little chap is going strong, even teething now.
  14. !!DISASTER!! On checking my seedlings this morning I found the grow light sitting right on top of the tub. I can only think one of my cats has knocked it in the night, the pot is warm to the touch and I fear my little ones have been cooked in their sleep. A few round the side of the pot escaped being squashed by the light but were still sitting in very warm moss (their poor little roots) but I have my fingers crossed they will make it (please tell me they will make it) I still have some seeds left that I didn't plant out so may have to start from scratch again.
  15. Well I took the plunge and moved on to Dionaea from my little Drosera and have got them to germinate. I'm looking forward to getting them from this to seed and grow some from my own crop. Here is a little pic of how they are doing so far. First true leaf.
  16. Great to see some make it... Can't wait until I have the skill and setup to grow them from seed!
  17. I gave it a go but think I'd have done as well using Marmite.
  18. A little something for the non orchid growers out there about K-L-N.
  19. For any that are interested the BBC are running the 1980's series of Day of the Triffids. Episode one to four are available on Iplayer. I'm sure that this series had some influence on my interest in carnivorous plants.
  20. I find genetic abnormalities fascinating, don't know how much I like it as a plant but is great to see what can be expressed. My first thought on seeing it was like some others to think this was some sort of growth damage but not.
  21. Amazing images also amazing place. I had a quick look on google maps and can see how easy it would be to get lost and never seen again. At least if I go plant hunting here the worst I will bump into is an angry badger. For how long has this spot been known about?
  22. Wow! you must be doing something right to have such fantastic weeds.
  23. Just hope not too toxic for the plant, Coccinellidae are like little chemical cocktails of nasty. I, too, am a phantom foxglove seeder. Such a magnificent plant and I still have about 500g of seed to 'spill' on my walks.
  24. If you are seeing no damage from them then I'd not be too worried about having them but I would take measures to remove the adults such as a few Drosera / Pings, the adults make a good size meal for a seedling. They tend to be more of a problem for freshly emerged seedlings and new roots as they are tender enough to be eaten and root damage can be hard to spot. I don't know how much of a problem they may be to over wintering vft.