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    Cultivation Experiment

    Hi, I just print a cut-size version of the pot for only one plant species for testing the equipment. Else, instead of my mixed mineral compost, I go to use a special fine quartz. It has a very capillarity action on water, so all the compost will be uniformly watering. I have also not covered the empty space with perlite, but let only water being in.
  9. ice00

    Pinguicula experiment

  10. ice00

    Cultivation Experiment

    It could be convenient if the plastic come from a press stamp. With 3D printing a pod with big dimension (like 270 x 310 x 80 mm) uses aroud 7€ of plastic filament (this is an extimated by the program) and arount 15 to 20h to finish. The photos were taken just when I insert them into the pod, maybe I can make new photo tomorrow after around 8 months of usage. I never used fertilization in Pinguicula, they just catch all insects.
  11. ice00

    Cultivation Experiment

    hi, no actually the species that remain are around 40/45 in very few pods. But as the experiments is going very good, I planned to port all to this system, so I can grow them with just give attention to them 1 day a week in Summer and 1 day a month in Winter. I will have a 3D printer with a larger X/Y plane so I can create the custom pod with good space even for bigger pinguicula and maybe create pod more little for little pinguicula specie. At thi point I can put the pods into a bookcase with shelves and utilize space in height, so I can still go to cultivate 100 species in the same x/y space as before when I used the common pods. .
  12. ice00

    Cultivation Experiment

    The experiment goes very well. In winter no problem (essentially very few water every month). Now, water every week (a glass of water). Actually I uses 6 box (6*4=24 species) and other 2 box is in the making. However I go ahed and for reduce the manual time of building them, I will go to use 3D plastic printing. I think they will be ready for September.
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    Cultivation Experiment

    Here the first box that is ready. It contains plants and minerals: Pinguicule esseriana / Quarzo Morione (Arkansas, USA) Pinguicula spec. Tonala / Cobaltocalcite rosa (Zaire) Pinguicula colimensis x gigantea White Flower / Piromorfite (Hunan, Cina) Pingucula x Weser / Vanadinite rossa (Mibladen, Marocco)